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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

My Precious!

Tumblrer Discovers the Unforseen Uses for an Officially Licensed Uruk-hai Scimitar

When Zoë found an Uruk-hai scimitar in an antique shop while visiting a friend she bought it without hesitation, even though it cut into her gas money. And then when she got home she started taking amazing pictures. Turns out a crudely forged but brutal weapon has a surprising number of alternate uses.

For more pictures of Zoë and her sword, you can visit her Tumblr or more specifically her Scimitar Saga tag.

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  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    LOL so very hard.

  • Life Lessons

    This woman is AWESOME!!!!

  • Melissia
  • Philip Lopez

    That was amazing

  • Anonymous

    Laughed so hard! Toast just killed me!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been going to all the wrong antique shops.

  • Snowfy

    The bathroom with the toilet paper one got me. LOL SO HARD!!

  • amira

    That one is hysterical! Love it. I want a Uruk-Hai toilet paper grabber!

  • Skye

    Seriously! Was it a New Zealand one or something?!

  • Snowfy

    O.O That would be AMAZING! Someone needs to make that happen.

  • K.R

    :D Awesome!!!!

  • Troy Dailey

    *snort* …blows the top off the awesomeness scale.