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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Wolverine Vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex

And guess what? There is a sequel to this picture. I put it after the jump. Spoiler alert: It’s awesome. (At Geeks Are Sexy)

BOOM: You’re dead, T-rex. By nJoo at DeviantART.

Today, as you probably know, is Free Comic Book Day! This picture was taken at one event in London. Worldwide excellence. (At Bleeding Cool)

Sometimes, no one considers a little thing called “juxtaposition.” This Free Comic Book day, the UK’s Daily Mirror was offering up free Doctor Who LEGO figurines in a giveaway. On its front page. With another really unfortunate headline. Oops. (Also at Bleeding Cool)

Video games are officially art! The Smithsonian American Art Museum has announced the titles that will appear in its new exhibition entitled “The Art of Video Games.” From its site:

The Art of Video Games exhibition will explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects, the creative use of new technologies, and the most influential artists and designers.

Among the titles are classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Super Mario Bros. as well as more modern games like World of Warcraft, Portal, and Minecraft. See if your favorite made the list here. (At Geekosystem)

NO. No no no no no no no. Leave the Cons alone. Step away. Nobody wants this. (At The Frisky)

And since we won’t leave you with that, here is what happens when Iron Man dresses like Buzz Lightyear. (At BuzzFeed)

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  • Abel Undercity

    Step away from the Chucks!

  • Anonymous

    Noooo, I so wanted Oblivion to win Xbox 360! At least Fable won Xbox. Whooo, Chicken Chaser FTW!

  • JoAnna Luffman

    Yeah, it was hard to pick some of the games for that. But most of what I picked won, Especially Portal and Minecraft.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I know I’m being a little retentive here, but that T-Rex looks out of scale next to Wolverine (did he shrink in the wash?) and the Buzz Lightyear looks like War Machine sans chain gun, rather than Iron Man … oh god, I need to get a life!!