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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Teenage Disney Ninja Princesses

You’l have to make up the lyrics of the new song in the comments. (Society 6)

Wine for cats. (That’s Nerdalicious!)

Disney villains dress up as princesses. (Nerd Approved)

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  • Lady Commentariat

    Pocahontas is ready to cut someone for a pair of pants.

  • Nick Gaston

    …I didn’t know Rourke was Cimmerian.

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    I will never get tired of Disney princesses dressed up as _____ and _____ dressed up as Disney princesses pictures.

  • Ashe

    Ariel!Frollo is seriously making me cry with laughter. Ouch. OUCH.

  • liy245


  • liy245


  • Anonymous

    A bit appalled that a comment in the Frisky article compared being a woman and drunk to being black at a KKK rally. If a black man was attacked at a KKK rally, I seriously, seriously doubt that people would blame him in the same degree people are saying women need to be more “careful.” Nobody has ever said, “Well, the KKK … they’re just here! So we need to adjust to this situation.”

    Also, hiding your purse in the car glovebox instead of leaving it on the seat is something you can totally do with your vagina! Do people not understand that if you are perceived to be a woman, people ASSUME YOU HAVE A VAGINA? Being drunk doesn’t mean you’re leaving it on the car seat. You can be raped while sober too.

  • mallorea541

    I love the teenage mutant disney princesses.