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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Kickstopper

As a writer, I could really get behind the idea of being paid not to write my bad ideas in addition to getting paid to write my good ideas.  Is there a Kickstarter project we could start to start this? (GeekDad)

It’s going to be hard to follow that with a joke, but here’s Superman being dumb. (See Mike Draw)

  • Nicolas Cage‘s stolen, recovered, and unreturned copy of Action Comics #1 has become the most expensive comic ever, garnering $2.16 million at auction. (Comics Alliance)

DeviantArt user Daniel-Morpheus took it upon himself to craft this poster for a theoretical Justice League movie based as much as possible on the design style of the current crop of DC movies and characters. We’re altogether too wowed by it’s pretty to think about its casting. We leave that to you. There are also a few “making of” pictures in his gallery, for your perusal. (via Comic Book Movie)

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  • Kath

    Bridget Regan as Wonder Woman? I would kill to see that.

  • Frodo Baggins

    Doug Jones? Natch. Who’d do the voice, though? I vote Keith David.

  • Anonymous

    I could totally see Doug Jones as the Martian Manhunter. If Christopher Lee were younger he’d be my first choice, though.

    All of this is moot, though, unless we get the better Aquaman. I don’t care who plays him, but it won’t matter unless he’s the crazy, bearded, harpoon-handed Aquaman.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Wait, they’re planning a watchmen sequel?
    Okay, nothing seems concrete, probably just rumours, nothing to worry about.
    *worries anyway*

  • Glenn Buettner

    The only problem with something like this is that there are enough fragments in the geek world that we could possibly never get anything cool again.  I’ll sift through the mountain of crap to find the sparkling gem of a Firefly.

  • Null

    Honestly, I always though part of being a geek was enjoying stupid crap. Anything bizarre, weird, or unusual…

  • Anonymous

  • Frodo Baggins

    That comic reminds me of a quote, I think it was a comment on AV Club:

    “How did Lucas announce Episode I coming out without ending the statement with ‘…unless world leaders pay me $10 billion in cash?’”

  • George Foryan

    Bridget Regan would make a great Wonder Woman if there were to ever be a film-screen version, but I would like to see her play Queen Semiramis of ancient Babylon…If there were to be a movie made about this legend.