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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Gina Torres is Our Big Damn Hero in Wonder Woman Fan Art

This illustration of Gina Torres as Wonder Woman by artist oneoffkritik has ruined all other Wonder Woman casting choices.  Now can Joss Whedon direct it? (via Prove Your Body Wrong Tumblr)

  • There is such as thing as Feminist Summer Camp, and it’s open to high-schoolers in Manhattan! (via The Frisky)
  • Wouldn’t it be marvelous if Marvel decided to make a Captain Marvel Movie? Rob Bricken explains why the super-powered lady needs her own film, and why Marvel could benefit from giving her one. (via I09)
  • DC should give their most famous lady her own movie too, and the solution might be looking back at successful cartoon versions of Wonder Woman, or it could be Melissa McCarthy. Comics Beat has a sweet buddy-cop suggestion that just might work.

The Wolverine has 6 new character posters, five of which show us some very threatening ladies with their game faces on. (via Collider)

  • The evolution of Lego minifigures from 1978 to the present is oddly captivating.  I dare you to continue after learning who, in 2000, became the first figure with a molded head. Sometimes new installments in beloved 70′s institutions disappoint us.(via Gizmodo)
  • “Men grow up expecting to be the hero of their own story. Women grow up expecting to be the supporting actress in somebody else’s.” Laurie Penny talks about how the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope makes its way into real life.  (via New Statesman)
  • The creators of the sweded version of the Pacific Rim trailer impressed Guillermo del Toro enough with their cardboard skills that he not only wanted to get a picture with them, but invited them to the Hollywood premier.(via Reddit)

With these trusty Star Wars wedges, you can be as fashionable as Padmé and as lucky as Wedge Antilles, survivor of both Death Star attacks.(via Neatorama)

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  • Jeyl
  • RMCoyote

    This will probably be a unpopular opinion, but though I think Whedon did a great job with the Avengers (though I have mixed feelings on how Black Widow was portrayed- but that’s neither here nor there and has more to do with the lack of diversity on the Avengers team, which Whedon didn’t have much control over) I don’t want him to write/direct Wonder Woman.

    I really really really want a female writer/director to do it. Like, I would give up a lot to see that happen. I know it isn’t ‘realistic’, but screw realism for once. There are plenty of female directors/writers who if given a chance would do a kickass job.

  • DarthBetty

    I know people would say she’s too old for WW, but Gina Torres could at least be Hippolyta in the live action.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be cool if Kathryn Bigelow stopped doing “serious” war movies to direct Wonder Woman. Strange Days & Near Dark are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    She also fought Wonder Woman

  • Anonymous

    Yes please.

  • Anonymous

    If there’s any justice in the world Lynda Carter must play Hippolyta!

  • Anonymous

    RE: Gina Torres, I didn’t even know that I wanted this to happen, but now it seems like I’ve always secretly wanted it, like it’s a lifelong dream that I never had words for until now.

  • odango atama

    Kathry Bigelow — YES! And yes to a woman needing to direct it.

    In fact, to go off topic, I wish someone else would direct Star Wars because giving the keys of two kingdoms to one person creates a shut-out situation where others directors with an artistic vision will not be able to see that vision realized. The audience should not be inundated with one director’s take on something.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I still wish we could have her as Storm.

  • Mina

    Ooo. Hippolyta. I like it. I never thought about it before, but it’s really working for me.

  • Brian

    You know, I spend the whole first bit of that movie thinking she was an evil Wonder Woman, then it turns out she was evil Mary Marvel the whole time. Knocked me for a loop, it did.

  • Anonymous

    Lexi Alexander already proved she can do a comic adaptation better than most.

  • Myomorph

    exactly. Thank you for finding the words.

  • RMCoyote

    Eh, it’s more the fact that the first scene we see her in she is sexualized and she HAS to have the zipper down in a skin tight suit during battle to show off her cleavage and yadda yadda. I think in the next Avengers if the Scarlet Witch isn’t as sexualized in parts I won’t mind it.

    And like, although I get it’s cool that she used her female sexuality and assumption of being emotional and weak to get the bad guys… I’m kinda tired of a woman’s power/huge chunks of their character being designed around being a woman, you know? I don’t think she is a bad or sexist character, it’s just that I’m annoyed she was the only woman on the Superhero team and she played into some of the tropes even if it was to subvert a couple of them.

    I just want to see my women characters being awesome and beating people up, ok? If the guys aren’t fighting oppression, I don’t want to see the girl beating up the patriarchy because that just reminds me in a fun Superhero escapist movie that the patriarchy exists. And I’m tired of being defined by my fight with the patriarchy in movies too. (This, of course, is different in non-completely-escapist fun movies, but even us ass kicking feminists need a break yanno?)

  • Amorette Allison

    I have loved Gina Torres since she kicked ass in Hercules!

  • LifeLessons

    Holy God/dess YES!! Make Melissa McCarthy Etta Candy!! YES PLEASE!!!!

  • LifeLessons

    Bigelow would rock WW.

  • Sophie

    I think she voiced wonder woman in a couple of different things, and there’s a lot of buzz about her playing the character. I would personally like a coming of age type film about wonder woman, for which Gina Torres is too old, but if they do something where the character is a bit further on, I think she’d be ideal.

  • Anonymous

    I actually loved that she used men’s misconceptions and societal stereotypes about women against them in an entirely calculated and ruthless manner. Here is this ENORMOUS deficit in logic that is incredibly prevalent and easily manipulated, and, like a chess master, she sees it, figures out where it will lead and how she can use it, and plays guys so utterly they never see it coming. She never treats it as an emotional win, competition, or the woman scorned getting her own; she doesn’t gloat, she doesn’t brag, in much the same way as you and I don’t consider it bragworthy when we’re better at calculus than the family cat. She’s an efficient professional in a world where an entire gender walks around wearing cultural blinders that will never allow them to be her equal, purely because they’ve bought into a myth that their gender makes them her superior.

  • Anonymous

    I used to say this about Angela Bassett, who can pull off drama with steel in every bone of her. She might even have redeemed the really, really awful lines. So many awful lines….

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow. Never even thought about MM/ Etta Candy.

  • RMCoyote

    “And like, although I get it’s cool that she used her female sexuality
    and assumption of being emotional and weak to get the bad guys… I’m
    kinda tired of a woman’s power/huge chunks of their character being
    designed around being a woman, you know?”

    Please read what I wrote next time. :)

  • Anonymous

    Um. I did read what you wrote; I’m providing a counter-opinion. I’m not arguing against yours; it’s your take, not mine, after all.

    I’m stating that I liked the character portrayal for a reason very similar to the one that makes you seem to dislike it. Although, based on your previous comments, it seems you perceived her sexualization as stemming from an internal inclination; I view it much more as an adopted persona, a series of mannerisms she deliberately studied, cultivated, and perfected, but which are not instinctive to her. In other words, as a skill, not a personality trait. So I like the portrayal because her skills seem admirable, not because I’m all into magical yoni-powers.