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The Fault in Our Stars Gets a Trailer

This adaptation of John Green‘s The Fault in Our Stars gives us a love story movie with something rare in Hollywood: a lead character with a visible disability. To say nothing of a female lead, or a female teenage lead. And though the trailer doesn’t explicitly get into it, Gus walks on a prosthesis after losing his leg to osteosarcoma.

So, Tumblr, how are your feels?

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  • Melissa Shumake

    ugh. i don’t have sound/speakers on my work computer, and it still made me cry.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I thought the book was awful but I love the actress so I might just have to see it anyway!

  • Anonymous

    I’m normally not into this sort of movie, but…wow.

  • Erin Treat

    I’m looking forward to the movie and I’m a huge fan of both Green brothers. But I didn’t like this trailer very much. It’s one of those trailers that hits you over the head, overstays it’s welcome and basically tells you the whole plot of the movie. Not what I would call artful trailer making.

  • Anonymous

    Mm, I don’t think so.
    SPOILER ALERT TO THOSE WHO HAVENT READ, but I think the trailer actually hints to Hazel’s impending death (the hospital scene, Hazel closing her eyes in the end) while in fact Gus dies in the end. If anything the trailer is sort of misleading that way.

    But even if, I don’t think TFIOS is something that will be spoiled by plot-revealing trailer, because its story is classic and simple. Girl meets boy, they fall in love. Add a tragedy from the cancer aspect. It’s pretty predictable, and its beauty doesn’t come from the twists but rather the execution.

    To me the trailer so far is nice, but I don’t know if the movie would be able to live up to the book yet. I really enjoyed Hazel’s narration in the book, and I’m not sure yet if Shaileene Woodley could deliver.

  • Aeryn Elliott

    Didn’t particularly care for the book and the trailer… Just, eh, doesn’t speak to me. I love the concept of both the book and film, but the execution just seems off in both cases.
    I much prefer the book (and its film adaptation) Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World (a.k.a. Socrates in Love) by Kyoichi Katayama. Not exactly the same premise, but I felt the delivery was more effective.

  • Amanda Pina

    I have to reconsider the cast choice. It was a good one after all.

  • BatiHoney

    Love, LOVE Shailene as Hazel!!! Her “I’m so thankful for our little infinity” gets me teary-eyed. Ansel as Augustus, though… I gotta say I’m disappointed. Hopefully the movie will prove me wrong, but the trailer included two of Augustus’ best lines and I didn’t like how he did. I’ll reserve my judgement til after the movie, anyway, but that’s my first impression.

  • Katy

    Crying already. Dammit!

  • Alice Ruppert

    I should finally read that book. I love John Green from Crash Course history and the trailer made me all teary-eyed.

  • Kevin Baker

    (spoilers) I don’t think it’s misleading so much as it’s reflective of the fact that for most of the book, they both beleive Gus (who is beleived to be in remission) will outlive Hazel.

  • imelda

    I don’t really get it? How is this any different from that Mandy Moore movie?

  • kittenhasawhip

    Is it bad that the only thing I could think of while watching this is “And…another Jennifer Lawrence is born”?

  • Steve Jenkins

    Count me in the minority, but I loathed nearly every second of this book. It just felt like such pretentious writing the whole way through. Always curious to see how they adapt books though, so I may end up seeing this from Redbox.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I’ll have to check out the one by Katayama. Was it less, I don’t know how to put it, self-conscious compared to the author’s style in “The Fault in Our Stars”?

  • Guymelef

    Surprised to see so many people voicing their dislike for the book. I read it after seeing a bunch of recommendations elsewhere, but I was left rather unimpressed and felt I was the only one who must have been “missing something”. I liked the premise of the book (and movie) but ultimately I felt it was a little, I dunno, watered down or something. Maybe it was the writing style but it did not grip me in the same way it did others, and usually I’m all for a weepy romance book. I wanna be GUSHING tears dammit, but I had trouble buying into the main romance. Someone please recommend me a real tear-jerking book!

  • imelda

    Shailene is really adorable. She has great screen presence; you just like her instantly.

  • imelda

    SPOILER…. If you’re talking about the death at the end, that seems like a pretty gimmicky difference to me. Or, if not gimmicky, at least unremarkable.

    Obviously if it’s well-written, that’s great. But that really, really does not come across in this trailer.

  • Aeryn Elliott

    I would say emphatically yes.

    I’d say it’s much more honest and played straight. There’s also the added bonus of having a “tragic romance” filtered through the author’s views on Japanese family values and heritage.
    Truth be told I still choke up thinking about the titular “Center of the World” scene.
    I forgot to mention that while the book is available Stateside, I don’t think the movie has been released anywhere outside Japan. Didn’t stop me from seeing it, though. :P