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Allow us to explain.

where does he get those wonderful toys

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer, As Performed by the Cast of Batman: The Animated Series [Video]

A new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises came out recently, and that means someone did a thing with it! In this case, another go-round matching scenes with Batman: The Animated Series. I’ll tell you guys something: While I am excited about The Dark Knight Rises and like Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, I’m the one third of the staff at The Mary Sue who is not a die-hard Batfan. So, I was surprised to see that Bane has a side job as a luchador. But this animated trailer is a pretty great edit, and I’d totally watch this movie, too. Especially if it had a luchador in it.

To read less infuriating things about Bane, here is Susana’s essay at Geekosystem about him. More comic book passion, less Mexican wrestling.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  • Anonymous

    Looks neat – kind of an Aeon Flux look to it.

  • Madeline Glass

    To read less infuriating things about Bane,

  • Anonymous

    Wow that brings back some memories! I used to watch Batman the Animated Series every day when I got out of school when I was a young teen. Haven’t seen that version of those characters in a long time.