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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Bryan Singer Still Thinks Superman Returns Failed Because He Tried to Make it for Women

In 2011 Bryan Singer gave a interview in which he revealed some of the reasons why he thought Superman Returns failed critically and at the box office, and among them he included what he considered an attempt to make a Superman film to interest the Devil Wears Prada crowd: i.e., women. And while Singer’s language isn’t that of blaming, I still wish he’d come up with a different wording in the intervening years between then and now, when in the newest issue of Empire Magazine he says again that Superman Returns was a movie made for a female audience.


Mutatis Mutandis

Days of Future Past Will Explain How a Disintegrated Professor X Isn’t Caught in Air Filters Right Now

You might remember that in X-Men: The Last Stand Professor X found himself dissolved into itty bitty pieces by Jean Grey, only to have it revealed post-credits that he was somehow alive. I say “might remember” because I know at least a few of our readers have tried to block that movie from their memory as best as possible.

What with The Last Stand putting a crimp in the franchise for a while, we’ve never found out exactly how, or why, Xavier survived. Well, from the mouth of Sir Patrick Stewart himself, Days of Future Past wil solve that mystery.


Mutatis Mutandis

Bryan Singer: I’ll “Repair” Things From The Last Stand in Days of Future Past

Good going, Singer. The first step to fixing a problem with your franchise is admitting there is one.