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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Warm Bodies


Amanda Recaps… Last Month [And Needs Your Imaginations! Yes, Yours!]

Editor’s Note: We ask contributing writer Amanda LaPergola to report on the world of pop culture with her unique style and insights.  Sometimes she does something like that.

“You cannot force this kind of creative process,” she told us once.  “It needs to evolve on its own.  It’s like Pokémon.  You just can’t say to a Pokémon ‘Hey, Pokémon!  Be a different Pokémon!’ and expect it to evolve.  That is not how it works.  First, it needs to spend time jammed up in a constrictive red and white ball.  Then, you let it out occasionally to fight other Pokémon to near-death.  With time and encouragement, your Pokémon will grow and change from a weird little hamster-thing to a weird little hamster-thing with antlers.  And then you get to eat it.  I think.  I’ve never played Pokémon.  Anyway, what was saying?  Oh yeah, can you pay for this coffee?”

That was four months ago.  We had not heard from Amanda since.

However, just yesterday, a package arrived at Mary Sue headquarters containing what appeared to be a note from Amanda’s mom (“Dear Miss Sue:  Please excuse my daughter’s absence over the past few months.  She wants me to tell you she had mono, but really she has been searching the internet for the secret fourth season of Downton Abbey she believes Queen Elizabeth is keeping to herself”) and the following pages…



Get Inside the Head of the Undead in this Clip from Warm Bodies [VIDEO]

Like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland before it, Warm Bodies is a zomromcom, or a romantic comedy… with zombies. Except in Warm Bodies the main character is a zombie, not someone in danger of being eaten by one. The first four minutes give us a look at the internal monologue of one of the undead, played by Nicholas Hoult. And it’s not all BRAAAINNNNS, BRAAAINNNNS, BRAAAINNNNS.

(via: blastr)

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Warm Bodies Doesn’t Look Like Twilight With Zombies After All [Trailer]

When I first heard about Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies I thought it was Twilight with zombies instead of vampires. It’s about a zombie and a human who fall in love and it just happens to come from Summit Entertainment, the Twilight studio. That’s all well and good but then I watched the trailer and now I might actually want to see it. Why? Not only is it funny (on purpose) but it adds an interesting layer to the zombie mythos and I’d like to see how it plays out. Take a look for yourself. The film stars Nicholas Hault, Teresa Palmer, and John Malkovich.


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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The New Logo For DC Comics?

So…this happened. On the left is the current DC Comics logo. On the right is what Bleeding Cool is reporting as their newly designed logo for both DC Comics and DC Entertainment. BC points out that when the old logo was revealed in 2005 it was universally panned but well-liked now. And guess what? Everyone already hates it. We can’t imagine why… Hit the jump for all the other stuff we saw today!