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The Warp Zone

  1. The Powerpuff Girls End Credits Theme Performed A Capella Is Just as Awesome as You Remember

    Not so fast, Warp Zone!

    The Warp Zone's beatboxing game could use a little work, but the Powerpuff Girls end credits theme is so great that it doesn't matter—along with special guest star Dodger of PressHeartToContinue.

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  2. There Never Really Was a “Dark Link,” Link and the Zelda Series Are Just Racist

    It's dangerous to go alone. Someone might spread racist legends about you.

    Gaming has a big problem with gender, race, and white saviors. Maybe that's because Hyrule's historians got it all wrong, and there was never any such thing as Dark Link—the other Zelda characters are just horrible bigots. Here's the real story behind Link's xenophobia and a surprisingly accurate critique on the representation of minorities in a classic game series.

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  3. We Were Wrong This Whole Time: Twitch Plays Pokémon Is a Horror Story [Video]

    His name is Red because of his thirst for blood, obviously.

    Oh sure, ha ha, it's been so funny to watch Twitch Play's Pokémon's Red bounce around and bump into walls, right? But imagine what it's like for Red, with thousands upon thousands of voices whispering directions to him every second of every day. Not so fun anymore, huh? That's what The Warp Zone suggests with this parody video they put out.

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  4. Sing The Praises of Duct Tape to the Tune of DuckTales [Video]

    Screw gold, let's dive into a giant pool of duct tape.

    I will basically forgive any excuse to sing the Duck Tales song and the Warp Zone's clearly got my back here. Their most recent Youtube parody uses the melody of the decidedly rad late '80s cartoon theme tune to talk about the favorite tool of the tragically un-handy: duct tape. As you'd expect, it's incredibly silly.

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  5. Doctor Who Cookie Cutters Sure to Complement any Assortment of Fish Fingers and Custard

    Hello Sweetie

    Last time we checked in on WarpZone, an Etsy shop that produces 3D printed fandom cookie cutters, there was plenty of Pokémon, Portal, and MLP to go around. But you might want to keep an eye on their new series. Does a cookie of an angel become an angel?

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  6. You Can’t Purchase A Red Lightsaber Unless You’re Really, Really Evil

    I will make it legal!

    You ever wonder why the default lightsaber for evil Star Wars characters is red? That's how the stores sell them! Take a look at Vendors: Episode 1. It's a new animated series based on Star Wars: The Old Republic. YouTubers TheWarZone show us what the process is for purchasing a lightsaber in a galaxy far, far away. We already know Darth Maul would be able to buy one because he's totally evil, but let's see how this gentleman fairs. (via Topless Robot)

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  7. The Day Guitar Hero Died [Video]

    Earlier this month, Activision finally put Guitar Hero out of its misery, whether or not it was a misery caused by Activision themselves. The guys over at The Warp Zone decided to send the franchise off with a song parody farewell, seemingly tongue-in-cheek, and reminds us all that Rock Band was the better way to go. If you're so inclined, The Warp Zone was generous enough to provide a free download of the song.

    (The Warp Zone via Joystiq)

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