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  1. Tiny Amazonian Spider Builds Decoys of Larger Spiders

    Bad news, arachnophobes. Biologists working in the Peruvian Amazon believe they may have discovered a new species of spider -- a tiny spider that builds decoys of larger spiders in its web, and manipulates them like puppets. Puppets that are even more terrifying than regular puppets, because they look like spiders.. Commence being creeped out for very good

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  2. Terrifying New Family of Cave Spider Discovered in Pacific Northwest

    You guys, there is a new kind of spider now, and it is awful and terrifying! Like, even more so than standard issue spiders on account of its raptor-like claws (closeup after the jump, and also in nightmares that will haunt you forever). Trogloraptor marchingtoni lives in caves in Southwest Oregon, where it hangs from ceilings on primitive webs, presumably scaring the hell out of anything that passes nearby.

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  3. Spider Recon Robots are an Abomination, but Potentially Life-Saving

    The Fraunhofer Institute, a German applied research company, has recently been working on some horrid little spider recon robots that could have some very useful applications in emergency situations. During emergencies that involve dangerous contamination, such remote controlled robots could prove very useful in exploring hazardous areas and providing valuable information to first responders. Granted, they look positively horrifying, but there are actually some very good reasons that they're built like spiders, better reasons than "because it's all sci-fi and creepy."

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