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  1. Here’s Looking At You: Why We Like Art That Looks Back At Us

    The old idiom states that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Which D&D gamers know isn't true at all -- beholders are hardly beautiful, and will negate your magic with their central eye, then zap you with their eyestalk rays. A new study of art through the ages suggests that a more accurate adage might be "beauty is in eye contact with the beholder." Research shows that what we find beautiful -- or at least engaging -- are works of art that look back at us. Of course, we still wouldn't recommend staring for very long into the eyes of Vigo, the Scourge of Carpathia.

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  2. Team Coco Shows Their Take on MoMA’s Video Game Art Exhibit

    In response to the Museum of Modern Art's new video game exhibit, Team Coco has decided to show us what some famous paintings would look like if they starred some of our favorite video game characters. Turns out, they look awesome. A lot of them are funny, but we'd be careful about laughing at Master Chief's Mother, since she's probably got a Needler underneath that frock.

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  3. At Least It Will Be Pretty: A Gallery of Art Inspired By The Robot Apocalypse

    Here at Geekosystem, we don't know art, but we know what we like, and it will come as no surprise to regular readers that we like robots. So when Genome Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina announced their upcoming exhibition of art inspired by the robot apocalypse, it well and throughly got our attention. We've got a sneak preview of some of the works that will be on display for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be on hand for the opening this weekend. But if you're in the Charlotte area this weekend, pay Genome Gallery a visit when the show opens this Saturday night.

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  4. This is How You Make Bubble Bobble More Disturbing Than it Already is

    When you get right down to it, Bubble Bobble is pretty disturbing to begin with; it's a game featuring two Bubble Dragons, Bub and Bob, who can produce bubbles from out of their mouths, trap enemies in them, then pop said mouth bubbles and destroy the enemies trapped within. Tobias Kwan shows us just how disturbing Bub and Bob actually are, with the above painting.

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  5. Guy Fingerpaints Impressive Landscapes Faster Than You Can Put Paint On Your Fingers

    Artist Fabian Gaete Maureira brings fingerpainting to a whole new level, in that he can paint an entire Bob Ross style landscape scene in about a minute, only using a finger or two. For those unfamiliar with Bob Ross, the style can be describe as stabbing and smacking a canvas with a brush, but in such a way where it looks like leaves and water. Check out Maureira's work over on his blog, and head on past the break to check out the mind-blowing video.

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  6. Time-Lapse of Giant Thundercats Action Figures Oil Painting

    Artist Robert Burden has made a name for himself by creating large paintings of old action figures. He also makes time-lapse videos of the entire process, which as we all know, is a form of video the Internet appreciates. His new piece features the '80s Thundercats in a very large, very pretty oil painting. The piece, called "Soliders of Thundera," measures in at 6 feet by 11 feet unframed, and took Burden about 1,000 hours of work spread over 7 months. Head on past the jump to watch the time-lapse video of the creation of the piece, and also so you can be amazed at the things painters know to add to paintings.

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  7. Watercolor Paintings Of The Best Book And Movie Showdowns

    Artist Scott Campbell has been painting a series of watercolors depicting famous film and literary showdowns for about a year now, and has created a pretty serious collection. The unique art style is quite amusing, but perhaps the best part is how genuinely pleased and unconcerned the characters seem to be in the face of their adversaries. See if you can guess where they're from.

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  8. Artists Recycles Motherboards by Using Them as Canvases for Pretty Paintings

    Arizona-based artist Joe Dragt discovered a solution to an issue we all tend to have in this modern age: What to do with old, unused computer parts. He turned them into art, of course! When his job required him to recycle 30 old computers, Dragt got the idea to use the discarded motherboards as canvases for paintings, as he felt the complexity of the circuitry would make for interesting backgrounds. He asked to take one of the computers home, and the pretty paintings seen above and below the break are the result.

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  9. Meme Paintings are a Higher Form of Art

    Reddit user johnfactorial and his girlfriend paint memes and hang them around their house. Though the paintings are pretty enough, johnfactorial and his girlfriend lose a couple of points for not hanging them in hilariously appropriate areas. Philosoraptor (or OMG Rage Face, for that matter) over the toilet? Socially Awkward Penguin over the computer? Socially Awesome Penguin over the front door that can be seen when leaving the house? Location has a place in comedy too! Head on past the break to see some more of the fine, topical artwork.

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  10. Modified Goodwill Paintings Drop Gaming Icons into Cliché Paintings

    A couple of weeks ago, we featured an artist who bought landscape paintings from yard sales, then added monsters to the otherwise generic paintings. The trend continues, as artists Cory Schmitz, Maré Odomo, Jacob Ferguson, and Chris Furniss bought paintings at Goodwill, then added in iconic video game art, such as the creepy, evil moon from Majora's Mask, some Pikmin, a couple Katamaris, and Pokéballs. Head on past the break to see some generic paintings livened up with video game culture.

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  11. Error: Could Not Load the Painting Properly

    This is all IE's fault somehow. (via TNW)

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