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Osaka University

  1. Japan Unveils Creepy Robots That Will Steal News Anchors’ Jobs

    This just in: humans are staging another adorable "rebellion."

    Breaking news: robots may soon report your breaking news. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University in Japan just unveiled a pair of robots, called Kodomoroid and Otonaroid, that appear extremely human and demonstrate better language skills than a lot of real humans I know—at least, it sounds that way. It's hard to be sure when they're speaking a language I don't understand.

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  2. Pneupard Is The World’s Noisiest, Least Intimidating Air-Powered Robotic Leopard [Video]

    If you want to build a better robot, it makes sense to start with an animal -- after all, nature was been building creatures way longer than we've been at it, so why not start with something that's already proven to be a reliable design? Cue Pneupard, a robotic leopard being designed by the robotics team at Osaka University and driven by compressed air. The design is still a prototype right now -- you can see it limping along in the video below -- but it does sport some pretty impressive artificial muscles, while the compressed air that drives it is a big step forward for a new way of powering the next generation of robots.

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  3. Robot Modeled After Human Looks Just Like a Human, is Creepy [Video]

    The above video is that of a robot. Not a human dressed up as a robot, as it may seem. Created by Actroid company Kokoro and professor at Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro, and modeled after Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe of Aalborg University in Denmark, the robot seen in the video is a Geminoid DK, part of the Geminoid series of realistic androids. The reason why the robot's movements and expressions seem so realistic is because they are controlled by an operator who uses a motion-capture and facial-tracking system.

    The supposed point of the realistic androids is study "emotional affordances" in human-robot interaction, as well as to study the perception of robots between different cultures, though we can all pretty easily see through that, can't we? Head on past the break to see another video of an android that looks like a human if you watch said video while looking at your keyboard.

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