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  1. Nerf Creates a Line of Toys Specifically For Girls, Starting With a Bow For Budding Meridas

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    I'll admit, I have something of a knee-jerk reaction to the notion of "pink toys for girls, blue toys for boys." So when I read about Nerf Rebelle, a new line of toys created for specifically for girls, the first of which is the Heartbreaker bow…. well, I was skeptical. But it won me over. Here's why.

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  2. Gigantic Steampunk Nerf Gun, Goliathon

    This humongous gun isn't quite some prop for a well-funded fan film, it's a Nerf Vulcan, modified with the go-to theme of steampunk. Four gauges, copper piping, brass embellishments, and a solid metal wheel valve were added to the already decked out base gun. The fun is two-and-a-half feet long, and unfortunately doesn't fire, but if you dig the aesthetic of a humongous rad steampunk gun over your fireplace, bed, or toilet, you can head on over to Etsy and shell out $350 to complete your steampunk toilet mantlepiece. Check out more pictures of the well-modified gun after the jump.

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  3. Hasbro Cons Fan-Blogger Into Divulging Address, Sends “Representatives” To Stake Out His Apartment

    Australian Martyn Yang is a big fan of Nerf guns. Like any big fan, he wanted to engage with both the object of his fandom, and other fans, so he started Urban Taggers, a blog about Nerf guns. Everything was going just fine until Yang posted a review on the N-STRIKE ELITE RAMPAGE BLASTER, an unreleased Nerf gun that, while not available in stores, was available on eBay and its Chinese cousin Taobao. Shortly after the review went live, Hasbro got in touch with Wang for his mailing address so they could send him some swag to give away to his readers. Wang happily provided the info only to receive a letter from Hasbro's lawyers, demanding he take down the review, and provide the name, address, email and IP of the person who'd given him his info. But wait, it gets worse.

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  4. Check Out This Awesome Steampunk Nerf Sniper Rifle

    There's something about Nerf that just screams to be steampunkified. While dials, pressure gauges, and brass accessories look awesome when you bolt them to just about anything, the pneumatic nature of a Nerf gun just makes them fit extra perfectly. Modder vansbangerburger seems to agree and took the time to steampunk up his own Nerf rifle not only with the standard valves, dials, and accessories but also with the ingenious, subtle addition of spray-painted K'nex gears which just makes so much sense now that I've seen it in practice. I'll bet you want to play a steampunk FPS now, don't you?

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  5. Wood and Metal Steampunk NERF Gun

    The above wood and metal steampunk gun began life as a NERF N-Strike Barricade RV-10, then after a heavy makeover by faustus70, was converted into the neat wooden barrel-esque design seen above. The wooden casing was built with planks cut from a wooden chair, and then wrapped with hand-cut aluminum strips. The gun doesn't only look pretty, it serves as a functioning NERF gun, sporting a magazine that holds ten whistler darts, as well a 3x magnification scope. The gun takes 3 AA batteries, and best of all (or worst of all, if you're broke), the gun is available for purchase through Etsy.

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  6. Say Hello to My Little Heat-Seeking Nerf Machine Gun

    The winner of last month's MAKE gadget design contest was this beast by Rick Prescott: A Nerf machine gun that automatically detects hapless warm-blooded people in the vicinity (sadly, ineffective against zombies), swivels, and rapidly fires darts at them.

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  7. Today in Badass Things: Nerf’s Fully Automatic Rifle

    Give Hasbro some credit for knowing their audience: On Friday, they unveiled the Nerf Stampede, the first fully automatic clip-fed Nerf blaster,* and the community of adult males who are paid to write about such things received it with pure childish glee. In what form of friendly horseplay do you need to unload a clip of 18 darts -- the biggest Nerf clip capacity yet -- on someone? Unclear, but does it matter?

    More pics below:

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