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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Our First Look at Equinox, Justice League United‘s New Cree Superhero

CBC has additional pics. (DC Comics)


and let it be known

Classy Propaganda Posters for the Shows Tumblr Loves

Bruce Loves You on Etsy has a series of Game of Thrones propaganda posters, and honestly, Arya the Riveter would probably be enough for us, but the shop also has lovely prints for Supernatural, Doctor Who, Merlin, and Captain America. You know, the stuff that Tumblr likes. Take it from me, who proudly displays a horrifying The Hunger Games propaganda poster in her living room: you can never have too many.


This is just like magic!

Warner Bros. Is Doing a Merlin Movie, and It Has Nothing to Do With the BBC Show. Sorry, Merlin Fans.

Remember that time it was announced that season five of Merlin would be the show’s last when the season was already like three-quarters over? And the season up to that point had been kind of lackluster (in my view, anyway), but then the series finale was really good (if heartbreaking), but also sad (and heartbreaking) because there would be no more Merlin ever?

Yeah. This new movie has nothing to do with that, but I wanted to bring it up because reading about Warner Bros.’ Merlin made me think about it, and if I have to relive the pain then so do you.


Great Hera!

The BBC Is Replacing Arthurian Drama Merlin with Greek Mythology Drama Atlantis

Fans of Merlin may still be reeling after the show’s abrupt cancellation (I don’t want to talk about it), but we now know the show that will be taking its place, in the BBC’s lineup if not in our hearts: Atlantis, a Greek mythology-themed fantasy drama.

That… that might manage to take Merlin‘s place in my heart too, actually. I’ll have to see how good it is, but… Greek mythology-themed fantasy, guys. Greek mythology-themed fantasy.


Do Try This At Home

Cross Stitch Your Heart Out With These Fandom Sprites

Has there ever been a more harmonious conflation of style and medium than the pixelated aesthetic popularized by early computer graphics and the comparatively ancient craft of cross-stitched embroidery? Perhaps the triple conflation of cross stitched sprites for popular cultural touchstones whether or not they’re related to video games. XStitchMyHeart has a great wealth of patterns for the cross stitchy nerd, or anyone who knows one.


Olden Lore

Tyrion Lannister, River Tam, and Abed Nadir LARP Together in the New Trailer for Knights of Badassdom [VIDEO]

I remember seeing a trailer for LARP-themed comedy The Knights of Badassdom at least a year ago, and then… nothing. No news. No release date. The official website still says “coming 2012.” But at last, progress: There’s a new trailer, even though most of the footage in it is recycled from the old trailer. Whatever. Someone’s cut a new trailer and IMDB has updated its release year to 2013, so that must mean we’ll be seeing the whole movie relatively soon… right?

Please? Peter Dinklage. Summer Glau. Danny Pudi. Ryan Kwanten. Steve Zahn. Tom Hopper, who played Percival the sleeveless chainmail-wearing knight on Merlin. I really want to see this. It looks awesome.

(via: Ain’t It Cool News)

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Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

Let Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock Characters Keep You Company While You Read

These bookmarks by Beth Yates (bethydesigns on Etsy) have me imagining the Doctor, Merlin, Harry Potter, Sherlock, et. al. interrupting your reading time with running commentary.

Sherlock would figure out the ending and spoil it for you two chapters in. If you were reading The Once and Future King Merlin and Arthur would butt in every few pages to insult each other’s characters, and Gwen and pre-evil Morgana would just roll their eyes because they’re better than those two dollopheads five times over. Hermione would relate everything to Hogwarts: A History, Eleven would have a really hard time staying still, and Ten would ruin your books by crying on them.

And worst of all, your shameful secret…

“Is that Twilight?!”


Here Be Dragons

This Season of BBC’s Merlin Will Be Its Last. But Maybe That’s For the Best?

Sad news, Merlin fans: The current season of the hit BBC show, season five, will be its last. There will be a two-part finale around Christmastime that, says the BBC, will bring the show to a “natural and dramatic end.” And then… nothing.

My first reaction to this was to scream unto the heavens (in a restrained, office-appropriate way, of course), “BBC, you big dollop-heads!” But then I started thinking: Maybe this is good. The show’s kind of gone off the rails lately, hasn’t it? Perhaps it’s better just to end it.