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  1. The Stars of NBC’s Constantine Talk Source Material And Character Dynamics

    Cautiously Optimistic

    The 2005 film Constantine will forever have a place in my heart. It's not a great movie, but I saw it on a whim with an acquaintance I barely knew. She became my roommate and one of my dearest friends, thanks to bonding over the greatness of Tilda Swinton and the rampant silliness of the rest. Whenever I hear someone mention the on-screen version of John Constantine, I think of her, laughing all the way out of the theater. Judging by its trailer, NBC's upcoming Constantine series is an entirely different ball game. It looks properly dark and witty, and there was one visual effect that made me recoil from my keyboard ("Nana!"). By all accounts, the series hopes to win over comic fans. In a recent interview with IGN, lead actor Matt Ryan touched on just that.

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  2. NBC Developing Constantine Series With Nolan Trilogy Scribe


    The number of DC universe set shows that are coming to a television screen near you is increasing rapidly these days. The Flash is speedily spinning off of Arrow, Gotham, the Batman show without Batman, was announced yesterday, and now a series based on Hellblazer, the long running Vertigo title featuring the trials of John Constantine, is in development at NBC.

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  3. Vertigo Comics Executive Karen Berger Is Leaving DC Entertainment

    million dollar lady

    Vertigo Comics has been the more serious, adult oriented arm of DC Comics since 1993 and at the very start was Karen Berger. Getting Neil Gaiman's The Sandman published was just one of this editor's countless accomplishments at the company, you can also put Hellblazer and V for Vendetta in that group, so it's with a great deal of disappointment we must report she's leaving the DC Entertainment altogether.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Blizzard Offers In Game Kittens in Hurricane Relief Promotion

    Things We Saw Today

    Shortly after Blizzard took the plunge and began offering exclusive in-game pets to World of Warcraft players for real money they started offering them to benefit charity. The Cinder Kitten above goes for $10, and all of those dollars will go to the Red Cross' Sandy efforts. (Wow Insider)

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  5. The Long Arm of the Lore: Female Heroes In Pop-Culture


    Editor's Note: Writer Mike Carey is best known for his comic book work on titles like Lucifer, Hellblazer, and the Eisner and Hugo Award nominated The Unwritten. His wife Linda Carey, and their daughter Louise Carey, are also authors and all three have collaborated on a new book called The Steel Seraglio from ChiZine Publications. Because the story revolves around a strong female heroine (an army of ex-harem members to be exact), the Carey's decided to write a guest post for us about that popular trend. Read ahead for their thoughts on how The Hunger Games factors in, what they prefer to see in their heroines, and for a sneak preview of The Steel Seraglio

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  6. 30 Spooky Story Recommendations for All Hallows Read

    Power Grid

    Way back in the earlier part of this year Neil Gaiman decided that it was really too bad that we, as a culture, didn’t have a holiday that was just about giving books to people. Thus: All Hallows Read, an exciting new tradition of giving people the gift of a scary book or story on Halloween. We’re no strangers to devouring a book ourselves, so we offer you not just ten, as these things usually go, but a full thirty scary books, stories, and comics for your reading pleasure. Happy Halloween!

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  7. 10 Badass Gay Characters

    Power Grid

    With DCnU on the horizon, and speculation running amok about where favorite plots might land once the tornado of alternative timeline has died down, there’s been a lot of comic talk in office chats about our much-beloved gay and lesbian vigilantes. Before any more messes of movies come out, or new continuity throws us all for a loop, we thought it would be a good idea to round up June doing what half of every major city (and quite a few small ones) on the planet is doing right now; celebrating Gay Pride Month. It was high time we actually gave space to LGBT issues, given the month, but also in general. (Withstanding the pandering of X-Men: First Class does not count.) But just as much as we want to showcase characters who kick ass and take names, we hope that youll also in enjoy the little  history lessons.

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  8. Vertigo to Publish Canceled Comic Hellblazer: Shoot

    Vertigo announced today that they are beginning a new series called Vertigo Resurrected, which they will use to showcase some of their impressive archive of "horror, crime, war, western, fantasy, urban memoir, science fiction or reality based" stories; resurrecting, if you will, some of their greatest "rarely seen tales."  First off the bat is a story that actually can't be resurrected, because it was never published in the first place: Hellblazer: Shoot, written by Warren Ellis.

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