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  1. Don’t Trade in Your Wii or DS Just Yet, Hackers Have Built a Working Nintendo Wi-Fi Server Emulator to Save Online Play!

    Hack the planet! ...I mean Miiverse. Hack the Miiverse!

    In May of this year Nintendo shut down online gameplay for the original Wii and several DS models to get people to buy the Wii U and 3DS. Players weren't happy. If you haven't smashed or traded-in your old system yet there's hope! Hackers have built a working server emulator that can restore online play.

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  2. UK Anti-Porn Crusader’s Website Hacked, Replaced With, You Guessed It, Lots of Porno

    Don't worry, though, she's dealing with the situation like a total grown-up...nah, I'm kidding. She's throwing a hilarious Internet tantrum, because of course.

    British MP Claire Perry is one of British Prime Minister David Cameron's top advisers on his Quixotic campaign to eliminate porn from the Internet. So when news was announced this week of wide-ranging Internet filters to be enacted in the UK that will make British adults ask 'Mother May I?'before viewing pornography on their home computers, Perry made a natural target for those upset over the new policy. And perhaps unsurprisingly -- this is the Internet, after all -- a few of those disappointed individuals proceeded to hack Perry's website, replacing the front page with porno, porno, and more porno. They didn't out Perry as being completely ignorant of how the Internet works, though -- she did that all on her own.

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  3. Anonymous Hacks North Korea’s Official Twitter and Flickr, Posts Bizarre Images

    As North Korea continues to bolster its threats against the United States, it seems they've got some social media issues to deal with. The official Twitter and Flickr accounts of the North Korean government have been hacked, and hacktivist group Anonymous is taking credit. The Twitter account seems to mainly be posting about other sites that are being hacked, but the Flickr page has some pretty bizarre pictures of a half-pig half-Kim Jong Un creature.

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  4. Glockentar Is The Guitar/Robotic Glockenspiel Mashup We Didn’t Even Know We’d Been Waiting For

    What do you get when you cross the remains of a dismembered guitar with an Arduino powered robotic glockenspiel? In the interest of full disclosure, we've never had occasion to ask ourselves that question. We have an answer to it today, though, and the answer is glockentar, a musical chimera of bells, circuits, strings and light projections know what? Just check out the video. It's one of those "you have to see it for yourself" things.

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  5. Gamers’ Lawsuit Goes After Blizzard Over Battle.Net Authenticator System

    In the wake of a series of invasive hacks earlier this year, Battle.Net users are taking their anger and frustration out on Blizzard with a new class action lawsuit. While lawsuits are par for the course when it comes to potentially leaking users' credit card information, it seems that WoW and Diablo III fans are enraged over a different aspect of the scandal. Rather than focusing on the allegedly lackluster security of Battle.Net, users are suing over the fact that Blizzard tried to take advantage of the event by strongly recommending that insecure users buy the Battle.Net authenticator, a little keychain dongle that generates random passwords for players' accounts.

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  6. PlayStation 3 Security Keys Leaked Online: Kind of Matters, Kind of Doesn’t

    Over a year ago, Sony's PlayStation Network was hacked. It was an enormous deal, and Sony had to bring down the PSN for weeks in order to maintain safety, preventing consumers from PlayStation 3 and PSP online gaming and digital purchases for the length of the outage. Now, this far into the PlayStation 3's life cycle -- most likely a year or two away from Sony's next console replacing this one -- a team of hackers has reportedly obtained and released the console's "master key" online. This means that, along with some custom firmware, people can run pirated software on the PlayStation 3.

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  7. SMS Attack Reboots Windows Phone 7.5, Disables Messaging Hub

    Khaled Salameh discovered a bug in Windows Phone 7.5 that reboots the devices as well as disables the messaging hub via an SMS attack. After learning of the bug, WinRumors tested the attack on a range of Windows Phones, and found that the denial-of-service vulnerability isn't device specific, but rather, seems to be how the Windows Phone messaging hub handles itself. The bug can also be triggered via a Windows Live message or a Facebook chat message.

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  8. United Nations Hacked, Accounts Leaked

    Hacker collective TeaMp0isoN has leaked account information -- email addresses and passwords -- after hacking the United Nations. The accounts belong to individuals spread throughout groups within the United Nations, such as the United Nations Development Programme, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and others. On their Pastebin dump, TeaMpoisoN noted that some of the user ids had blank passwords, something that is even ridiculous for your mom's junk email account to employ, much less a United Nations organization account.

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  9. Hacking Attempt on AT&T, but AT&T Says Everything is Okay

    AT&T notified customers that it detected a hacking attempt that aimed at obtaining customer online account information. If you're an AT&T customer, you need not fret, as AT&T claims they don't believe any information was compromised in the attempt. Though AT&T service in the northeastern U.S. experienced a wireless outage earlier today for around three hours, AT&T claims this was unrelated to the hacking attempt.

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  10. Steam User Data Compromised, Minimal Damage So Far

    Steam, the premier PC digital distribution suite, experienced a security breach on November 6th. On its face, it appeared to be just some garden-variety forum vandalization, but on looking into it further, Valve found that a Steam user database was compromised as well. The server contained some actual Steam users' account information, which is distinctly seperate from Steam forum account information, but Valve says it has found no evidence that any of the encrypted information was taken.

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