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floppy drives

  1. Ghostbusters Theme Played on Floppy Drives is a Sterling Example of the Genre

    Floppy drive music is something we've come to know and love here at Geekosystem. Good examples of the genre are few and far between, unfortunately, but sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a difficult job. MrSolidSnake745 continues in his efforts to make the search as painless as possible by creating his most recent video: The Ghostbusters theme, as played by eight floppy drives.

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  2. Game of Thrones Played on Floppy Drives is Not a Sterling Example of the Genre

    At Geekosystem, we feel honored to have witnessed the birth of floppy drive music. In the past few months since renditions of popular songs performed on antiquated removable memory became vogue, we've brought you some excellent examples of the newly minted genre. Sadly, this latest one -- featuring the theme song from HBO's Game of Thrones -- leaves a lot to be desired. Unless you desire what sounds like old xerox machines farting uncontrollably.

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  3. The James Bond Theme Played on Floppy Drives [Video]

    It never ceases to amaze me that some crafty folk found a modern day use for the old stalwart floppy drive. Granted, said use isn't the original intention of storage media, but playing songs by manipulating the inner workings of multiple floppy drives is a noble endeavor. This time around, we have eight floppy drives playing the James Bond theme song, which was built for display at Purdue University for the Association of Electrical Technologists club during their Technology Week. Super cool.

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  4. Floppy Drive Quartet Sings Portal's "Still Alive"

    Floppy drives, one of the many forms of digital storage to become completely obsolete in the past decade or so, have one final use up their collective sleeve: They can play music in a way that is amusing to audiences that are familiar with with what floppy drives were originally used for. That is to say, in a few years, kids won't find this amusing because the only frame of reference they'll have is videos of floppy drive songs. But I digress. The joke is that the floppy's are singing "Still Alive" when they are an entirely antiquated storage mechanism. Haha! Also it is Portal reference; the kids love those. Huzzah! Tape of the performance after the jump. What? No one uses tapes any more either?!

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