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  1. Today in Ridiculous Concept Toilets: The iPoo

    Finally: A toilet that combines the functional elegance of Apple products with something you poop in. Created by designer and programmer Milos Paripovic, this concept for a sleek toilet is meant to play on the (rather tired) joke about the cost of Apple products. In his own words, "This toilet has exactly the same function as any other toilet and costs only twice as much for the same performance[.]" I disagree. If Apple were to make a toilet, it would surely cost an arm and a leg but it would be the most satisfying toilet experience imaginable. See more images, after the break.

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  2. Toyota "Fun-Vii" Concept Car is Basically a Rolling iPhone

    Debuting yesterday at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Fun-Vii is a bold vision of the future. A future where the entire exterior and interior of your car is a video display, for some reason. Also, it looks like the Batmobile mated with a Prius. I'm dreading the future already.

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  3. Airbus Dares You To Relax Inside This Transparent Plane

    Last year, Airbus showed off their 2050 concept plane that would be efficient and environmentally friendly. Just in time for the Paris Airshow, Airbus has rolled out their vision for what the inside of that plane will be. In a mere four decades, air travelers can enjoy morphing seats, automated luggage handling, high-tech holographic amenities at your fingertips, acupressure seats, and oh, yeah, a see-through airplane skin. If the idea of hurtling through the sky in a transparent airplane doesn't unsettle you, read on.

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  4. Slightly Less Ridiculous Jaguar Supercar Coming Soon

    Last year at the Paris Autoshow, Jaguar rolled out the C-X75 as a way to commemorate their 75 years of auto manufacturing. As a concept car, the C-X75 was really something: A ridiculous, over-the top super car that was also a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle. Of course, fuel-efficient is a relative term when the car in question is powered by one electric motor for each wheel and two jet-turbines in the back. But it was the C-X75's symbolic marriage of fuel efficiency with performance and high design that really captured the imagination.

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  5. Laptop Case Morphs into a Desk and Chair

    You've seen them around parks. Those people sitting with their laptops on their lap, enjoying the beauty of another day on Earth, working from wherever their heart desires. You've seen their smiles, the youthful glow that comes from happiness and time spent outside. But if you're like me, you've never shared that singular joy of working comfortably while outside. The ground is uncomfortable, and frequently damp; many laptops run so hot that actually putting them anywhere near your lap is far too dangerous; and a desk offers many more options for comfortable work than your knees. Until now.

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