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Laptop Case Morphs into a Desk and Chair

You’ve seen them around parks. Those people sitting with their laptops on their lap, enjoying the beauty of another day on Earth, working from wherever their heart desires. You’ve seen their smiles, the youthful glow that comes from happiness and time spent outside. But if you’re like me, you’ve never shared that singular joy of working comfortably while outside. The ground is uncomfortable, and frequently damp; many laptops run so hot that actually putting them anywhere near your lap is far too dangerous; and a desk offers many more options for comfortable work than your knees.

Until now.

The Openaire is a laptop case concept by designer Nick Trincia that combines a folding chair and desk into a single messenger bag. A two-piece chair makes up the outer shell of the bag, while the inner section supports not only the laptop but boasts fold-out sections for writing or using a mouse. Though only a concept for now, this idea does seem to have actual market potential in one form or another. Hopefully it will come to life sooner rather than later, so I can show up in the park and blog under the sun.

(Nick Trincia via Bit Rebels)

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