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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Companion Cube

The Cake Is A Lie

Please Do Not Incinerate These Portal Companion Cube Dice

I own lots of dice but I’m pretty sure I need to add these Weighted Companion Cube dice to my collection. For science. Made by niquegeek on Etsy with a 3D printer, the dice come in a few different versions: one with all numbers instead of hearts, another where the heart is the one, and one with just the hearts, which I guess is just an adorable Companion Cube and not actually a die.

Previously in Portal


The Cake Is A Lie

Transport Some Cake (If It Exists) With This Companion Cube Lunch Box

Bring this Companion Cube lunch box, available soon courtesy of NerdApproved, to work with you. Tell all your coworkers you have some cake for them inside. They’ll never believe you. Go home. Eat the cake yourself.

… if it’s there.

Check out a tin version of the Companion Cube lunch box behind the cut.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Companion Cube Engagement Ring

What could be more appropriate than giving your companion a Companion Cube engagement ring? By the way, he proposed by saying, “Will you be my partner in science?” Find out how it was made here. (via TDW Geek)