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404 Pages

  1. Hillary Clinton Is Already Winning… for Best 404 Error Page

    Did Bill do this? It is the daddest of jokes.

    Hillary Clinton announced that she's running for president again, and the Internet's reaction was swift, but her campaign site has outdone everyone with what is simultaneously the best and worst joke so far: a 404 error page featuring an old family vacation photo and dorky pun. It is the pinnacle of embarrassing parent humor. Do your worst, political opponents.

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  2. Europe Making 404 Error Pages Useful, Turning Them Into Milk Cartons

    The majority of 404 error pages are not only boring, but pretty disappointing. Every site on the Internet can't be The Rolling Stones's 404 page, so normally we Internet patrons have to suffer through a blank error, and the frustration of not being able to access whatever content we were looking for. However, a European initiative is attempting to turn 404 pages into something not only thematic, but pretty helpful.

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  3. The Rolling Stones Have a Brilliant 404 Error Page

    Ah, the HTTP 404 error. A sure sign that what you're looking for online has been moved, deleted, or you just mistyped it. However, a 404 is not always a bad thing. In fact, some sites celebrate it with custom error pages. And among the most ingenious -- or perhaps, the most appropriate -- is this page on The Rolling Stones' official website.

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  4. Digg 404 Error Page To Be Brought to You by … Burger King?

    We've heard of funny 404 error page Easter Eggs before, but ... sponsored 404 pages? Strange. Apparently, that is the direction that Digg is headed, with an ad for Burger King set to appear on the error page that users hit when they type in a query with no results, BrandFreak reports. The ads, which were briefly up last week, are slated to reappear within the week. (The above picture is not an actual ad, but rather an artist's rend.) The ads will be promoting Burger King's "Tiny Hands" campaign, about a man with freakishly tiny hands who is sad because he cannot grasp a Burger King® Double Cheeseburger.

    WalletPop grabbed the text of one such ad, which will be accompanied by a hypertext link to a "Tiny Hands" BK ad:

    The error page is reported to say, "No results for 'Your Search Error' were found. Looks like your search had a typo. Blame it on your tiny hands. The beefy $1 Burger King Double Cheeseburger gives tiny hands some trouble, too."

    We're conflicted:

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