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OMG: Super Best Friends Forever Exclusive Merchandise At SDCC This Year

If you love the Lauren Faust created DC Nation short, Super Best Friends Forever, you’re in luck. Although we won’t be seeing any more animated shorts (at least anytime soon), DC has made the wise decision to create a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive statue set. USA Today has the rest of the DC con exclusives but we have tunnel vision right now. Take our money. Take it now. The three together will run $49.95 and of course, you’ll have to physically be at SDCC or know someone going to get one. Or risk scary Ebay prices after the fact.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  • WonderScott

    Super Best Figures Forever!

  • Matt Graham

    I am now tasking the appropriate friends with a mission.

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    Don’t forget to blast the mission impossible music in their ear while you give it to them.

  • Eric A. Carr

    It’s too bad they went with Teen Titans Go, instead to SBFF. This could work in the same format that TTG is in.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Does this mean there could be a suber bestest best friends forever full show in the future?

  • Nick Gaston

    Y’know, DC, you’d probably make more on merchandise if you DIDN’T cancel the show or radically reboot them between seasons.

    “DC Comics: If It’s Not Money BATMAN Brings Us, We Don’t Trust It!”

  • Oneris

    Anyone willing to pick up a set for me? lol I am actually not kidding…

  • Charlie

    I so want this show to be a reality.