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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Stephanie Brown Is Returning To DC, A Captain Marvel Re-Launch And More Comic News From NYCC

Some very interesting news came out of New York Comic Con this past weekend. Particularly as it pertains to a few female comic book characters we love. All that and another new project we think you might, explained like after the jump.

To most everyones’ surprise, DC Comics’ Batman panel at NYCC revealed Stephanie Brown will be making her debut in the New 52 (unless you count that one time).

I’ll give you a second.

Ok, let’s proceed. According to a report from Comic Book Resources, a fan posed the frequently asked question, ”When are Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain coming back?” To which Batman writer Scott Snyder replied, ”We know that they’re characters that you guys have been really vocal about…Your guys’ love of Stephanie Brown have been so inspiring to us. We’re really proud to announce that she’ll be coming back in [new weekly series 'Batman: Eternal'], in a big way. Dan DiDio is in the audience to yell at us for telling you that.”

The report went on to say:

“No one was trying to shelve her,” Snyder continued. “It was more about finding the right time to reintroduce her.”

Snyder said that [James Tynion IV] came up with the idea to reintroduce her, and suggested it’ll be as Spoiler. Tynion said Stephanie Brown will be in issue #3.

There really is nothing to say besides, YIPEEE!!!

In other comics news, Marvel announced a new ongoing series starring Elektra. At the Superior Spider-Man panel, CBR reports “A new ‘Elektra’ series starting in March, from writer Zeb Wells and artist Mike Del Mundo. It’s Elektra on a journey by herself, away from Daredevil, [SanaAmanat said, with the character becoming ‘the Dexter of assassins.’” Also good news? They said her costume will remain the same but they are ”covering up her butt a little bit.” Find out more in this interview with Wells.

At the same panel, we found out Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel series will be returning in March, renumbered at #1, and involving a time travel-less time jump.

“We’re taking it cosmic,” where Carol Danvers will show why she’s the best at what she does, using her skills as an American pilot in outer space.

The first arc of the new series is called “Higher, Faster, Further, More,” a reference to the previous series. “Carol is always trying to move up, and we’re going to let her go,” DeConnick added.

Artist David Lopez will be joining DeConnick on the book, which you can find out more about on

And last but certainly not least, Marvel officially announced their new Silver Surfer title from the fantastic team of Dan Slott and Mike Allred (iZombie). According to

“A character like the Surfer, who can go everywhere and see everything? He can’t have seen it all. You’ll meet a character in the first SURFER arc, a character of such cosmic importance that you’ll wonder why we haven’t seen this character before. It’ll make you look at the Marvel Universe in a different way.”

The Surfer himself will have a new perspective of the Marvel Universe, thanks to a new character named Dawn Greenwood.

“One of the limitations of the Surfer as a character is that, by his nature, he’s alone a lot of the time,” says Brevoort. “He’s typically traveling from star to star all on his own, and getting involved in whatever happens to be going on that crosses his path.

Hmm, this sounds a little like something a lot of us love. You can also look for this one starting in March.

(image via Dustin Nguyen)

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  • RodimusBen

    I’d love to be more excited about this than I am, but I’m in such a state of negativity about the DCNu right now that even the return of Stephanie Brown can only arouse the barest of curiosity in me. But, wherever she ends up appearing, I can’t pretend I won’t give it at least a first look.

  • Anonymous

    How did I know there’d be no news about Cassandra Cain?

  • Jamie Jeans

    So, DC Comics brings in another blonde haired, blue eyed, white woman… yay?

    No one remembers Cass Cain?

    Well, I should ask if anyone at DC Comics remembers Cass Cain… and then as someone else pointed out, if Cass Cain is not brought in, then she’s saved from the Nu52′s crappy writing.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see Captain Marvel getting renewed! And good on you guys for being supporters. Readling the comments on some other sites is kinda depressing because the fandudes (let’s face it, they’re not boys anymore) are so negative about her. They’ll cite sales and other characters that are “more deserving” than Carol Danvers, and why she’s a terrible character compared to Deadpool. Ug.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Yeah. I made the mistake of entering the fan forums, and saw loads and loads of this. I’ve now reaffirmed my resolution to never enter a comic book forum ever again. I’ll stick with Reddit, because believe it or not I’ve found the Reddit comics community to be amongst the most open to discussion.

  • Thomas Hayes

    I’m pleased about both of these things too, although I do wonder if Steph is getting a very soft-reboot like the rest of the Robins, a more severe reboot like Barbara Gordon, or a full reboot like Supergirl and Superman. I would hope it’s the first, because it makes little sense to have basically the same Batman, Tim Drake and Dick Grayson in this universe as they’ve been since the 80s and 90s but reintroduce Steph as a fresh character they’ve never even met before. The same reservation would go for Cassandra, once someone at DC finally decides they like her enough to bring her back.

    Also, I know it was a vague hint from Scott Lobdell, but I’m surprised you didn’t mention the possibility of Supergirl leaving the Superman family and joining a “whole other set of books”, given that it’s you writing this Jill. Also Didio hinting at more Lois Lane to come?

  • Adrian

    Yeah, I was hoping for some Cain news, but no. I saw some Cain cosplay at NYCC, of course. I wonder how/where she could best fit into the New 52 Bat-family. I miss her.

  • Thomas Hayes

    My personal hope is that they soft-retcon the thing about Barbara being the only Batgirl and never Oracle, so that Cain’s history in that role can be preserved in some way. Like I’ve said elsewhere in this thread about Steph, it would be pretty awful for only the male characters in the Batman mythos to remain intact if all the women have to be rebooted severely, like Barbara has. It would send a confused and unfortunate message.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I hadn’t heard about the Supergirl or Lois things.

  • Thomas Hayes

    I’ll hook you up with a link or two…

  • .GONNY

    David Lopez is one of my favorite artists right now. His work on X-Men with Brian Wood fit the tone and characters perfectly. Thrilled he’ll be joining Kelly Sue on Captain Marvel.

  • Anonymous

    “DC Comics brings in another blonde haired, blue eyed, white woman”

    Apparently you can never have too many of those @ DC.

    “if Cass Cain is not brought in, then she’s saved from the Nu52′s crappy writing”
    This is what I tell myself when I find myself missing Donna Troy.

  • Sophie

    I too have mixed feelings about this. I really don’t trust DC with their characters right now. At least when she didn’t exist she was safe from their current brand of editorial meddling. But this is a Snyder series, so we’ll see.

  • Adrian

    lol @ the down votes… you have FAILED US for the last time Pantozzi!!

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Haha, good lord. Seriously! I will lash myself in penance.

  • Jill Pantozzi


  • ClarkFL

    Please put Carol Danvers back in her old costume. This armored head stuff is just stupid. Very happy about a new Surfer title. Last one with the aliens/kids stuff was just off.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Nah. I like her other costumes – to varying extents – but the new one is the best. The colours just pop out nicely.

  • Amy

    my Aunty Hannah just got an awesome six month old Audi just by some part-time working online with a computer. why not find out more


  • ClarkFL

    Humbly disagree. For what reason, with all her power, did she need to suddenly start wearing a helmet? She never hid her face before. she didn’t need to protect her head any other time. Doesn’t do her justice.

  • Cowtools

    Why no mention of the new Black Widow series? With art by Phil Noto (!) who was born to hot w Black Widow.
    Tat was like, one of the first comics announced, and I was waiting all weekend to see something about it on this site. Weird.

  • Cowtools

    Go to the Carol Danvers appreciation thread on Comic Book Resources for a counter example!

  • js

    I used to be a huge fan of comics, but have recently pretty much given up on them. I did turn my girlfriend into a comic reader, so I keep looking in on sites like this. What I have discovered is that the comic world is like the WWE! The behind the scenes stuff is usually more interesting than what goes on in the ring/on the page.

  • Anonymous

    What an absurd world we live in, when we have to celebrate four female characters getting their solo series on Marvel compared to the 19 male characters solo published at the same time…

  • Michael Singer

    At least she’s not wearing a stupid swimsuit costume and thigh high boots. That both looks stupid and doesn’t fit her character.

  • Michael Singer

    Scott Snyder is a Steph fan, and he’s been wanting to use her for a long time. I’m quite sure that he’ll do his best to portray her properly.

  • Anonymous

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    part-time using a laptop. go to website T­e­c­7­0­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Mandy

    Black Widow & Phil Noto?!?! BRB off to Google this and see when I can place my preorder!

  • Mandy

    You really want to go back to the impractical swimsuit + belt look? I’m sooooo glad she’s moved past that. More female superheros need to follow Carol’s lead and find actual costumes that wouldn’t require regular bikini/leg waxing.

  • Michael Singer

    Well, Supergirl has been one of the few consistently solid New 52 titles, so maybe Lois can be the same way. I’d like to see Supergirl join the Teen Titans, except that Lobdell is still writing them.

  • Ryan Colson

    But Steph was literally in Leviathan Strikes, in Batman Inc, which was a New 52 title, so really that announcement is more DC editoridiocy, because Inc was in old dcu and new dcu, so really it’s nutty as hell that dc left her there when she was free the whole time.
    Guess her re-reintro is gonna be another dc Canon SNAFU, right?? You know it will since this is Spoiler and she was Batgirl then.:)

  • totz the plaid

    Stephanie Brown returning? Tentative excitement since I’ve got VERY mixed feelings about the New 52. Steph’s awesome, though, so I hope it’ll be good…


    Steph coming back as _Spoiler_? No.
    That pretty much _implies_ that they’re erasing all her character development as Robin and Batgirl.
    I hope I’m wrong about that, but I’ve got a bad feeling that that’s the case.

    I love Steph, though. She’s one of my favorite DC characters, and probably my favorite member of the Bat Family overall. I just hope they bring back the Steph that we had before the unnecessary reboot and not the less mature (but still pretty cool) one she started out as.

    New Elektra should be awesome, but considering how shitty Dexter got, I’ve got a bad feeling about the idea that she’s becoming “the Dexter of assassins.”

    Covering up more of her ass is a good thing, though, no matter whether this storyline is good or bad.

    I _hope_ it’s good.

    The Carol Danvers stuff just sounds awesome.

    The Silver Surfer concept is… Well, the idea of taking him totally cosmic and exploring unknown stuff is awesome. Especially if they make it weird like Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)’s stuff became.

    Adding someone of insane importance when we’ve already got the Celestials, the Elders of the Universe, the Titans (Thanos and such), Eternity, Lord Chaos, etc.

    They’d better do a DAMN good job if they want that to work.

    Seriously. The Marvel Universe already has several pantheons of insanely high-powered interstellar god-like beings. Throwing someone in that’s “a character of such cosmic importance that you’ll wonder why we haven’t seen this character before”… well, that’s VERY hard to do well.

    Unless the writing is AMAZING, then it’s going to be ultimately forgettable at best, utterly horrible at worst.

    Also, I’m hoping the Dawn Greenwood thing is a separate idea because if not, it’s going to be terrible.

  • totz the plaid

    Either that or make her Blackbat without being Batgirl. *shrugs*

    The Batgirl name is one thing, the character and their actions are another.

    Whatever code name she uses, Cass is still awesome (as long as they don’t fuck her up like they did for a while).

    Even better would be to let Gail Simone do her “Angel of the Bat” story idea. That could be seriously awesome.

  • Thomas Hayes

    I’m hoping it’s either a new team or perhaps one of the Justice Leagues. I don’t want her on the Teen Titans as long as Lobdell’s writing it. I’m not a Titans fan or reader, but I know even hardcore Titans fans are struggling to read it right now. If he leaves the book, I’d be ok with it.

  • ClarkFL

    It wasn’t my favorite costume, but much better than helmets that have no function. I liked the Moonstone Ms. Marvel suit better than Carol’s new one.

  • Michael Singer

    The Helmet is pointless, I agree with that. However, the actual COSTUME is really good. Just ditch the helmet, simple as that.

  • Michael Singer

    Yes, that whole “Tim hooking up with the female Titans while being possessed” was extraordinarily creepy. How Lobdell thought that that was a good idea is beyond me. I’d like to see a new YJ book using some of the teens that haven’t appeared yet. Kara could be good there, along with Cassie, Stephanie, Cassandra Cain, Miss Martian, Wally, etc. Bryan Q. Miller or Gail Simone could write it.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Guess I missed that announcement too.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I believe Grant Morrison said that her part took place in a “previous continuity.”

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    I DO NOT GET THAT AT ALL. I just got into Carol; she’s pretty much my Marvel gateway and I’m freaking obsessed. I love the whole Carol Corps movement Kelly Sue De Connick & co have going on.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    Go on Tumblr too, believe it or not! I have seen nothing but awesome stuff there.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Oh yeah. I rely on both websites for my comics fandom fix. I’ve found out about a lot of things through tumblr I never would have heard of without it. Reddit’s better for discussions.

  • Irl Days

    Wow! This is a great news! Stephanie Brown is one of the most loved female comic book characters.
    background check

  • Anonymous

    Will do!

  • Ryan Colson

    That sounds right considering Grant; his post 52 inc arc does show us infinite crisis happened though no crises happened in the new reality.

    DC is pretty confusing on continuity despite rebooting sadly.:(

  • Ryan Colson