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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

May The Force Be With You

Meet Star Wars Rebels’ #2 Lady Character, Hera the Pilot [VIDEO]

When I say #2, I mean only that we found out about Sabine first, not that she’s a more important or better character. The show not being out yet, there’s really no way to tell. I’m edging toward liking Hera more, but that’s only because of her name. Greek mythology FTW!

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  • Anonymous

    ….I don’t know why we’d have to like any character more, especially this early in the game.

    What I was pleasantly surprised to see was that it looks like both women are included in the toy and Lego lines. Which I found good because comparatively, Disney’s other big boy-centric acquisition (Marvel) tends to be pretty sparse with the lady figures.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see they’re breaking away from the “all members of each species are all the same” mentality that GL imposed, although I know that it makes sense stylistically (’50s serials), but it makes for bland story telling.
    Plus I love the Twilek design with the head tails, head tails do so much to break up the human form. I like head tails.

    Also nice to see they grasped the lesson of Ahsoka that (rational) male viewers are not opposed to female main characters and gave us two this time so it’s not quite so much of a sausage fest.

    Here’s hoping that they have some good scripts.

  • Mark Brown

    Upset that you couldn’t use the “Great Hera” tag?

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure? I haven’t seen anything about Sabine & Hera action figures.

  • Anonymous

    Non sexualised twi’lek? MADNESS!

    I’m so pleased.