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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

For A More Civilized Age

How to Make an Ewok Bento Box

Ahh, the humble bento box, savior of lunches both take out and home made, and yet, still so novel in the US. I admit I don’t make any funny shapes in mine, just cram it full of apple, baby carrot, sandwich, and rice krispy treat, and even then I get amused exclamations at my compartmentalized lunch. Anybody else out there bentoing it up?


  • Anonymous

    They’re not quite Bentos, but a while ago I was inspired by Starbucks “bistro boxes” to start packing lunches for my boyfriend and I. I found a bunch of divided ziploc containers at Target ( and spend maybe 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon putting together lunches for the week. It’s almost like I’m an adult person!

  • Alexis the Unicorn

    All of My Freshman year at high school (I’m a Junior now) I packed a bento for lunch. They weren’t really all that note worthy. Just me getting a ziploc container and filling it with different foods everyday. After a while though it became a big deal that my friends had to know what I packed for lunch this time. It’s like Hmmm…Let’s see what we can fit in a six by six by three inch box every day. They would’ve really gone wild if I made mine with those cute shapes. At that point I wouldn’t even be allowed to eat it. Especially this Ewok one. My best friend would’ve looked at me as if I was killing her puppy.