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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Olden Lore

Watch the Trailer for the New Snow Queen Movie. No, Not Frozen. There’s Another One. [VIDEO]

On the one hand, Snow Queen, by Russian studio Wizart Animation, looks a lot more accurate to the original fairy tale than Disney’s Frozen, which bears only a passing resemblance to the Hans Christian Anderson story on which it is ostensibly based. On the other hand, Snow Queen looks bad. Like, direct-to-DVD bad. You win some, you lose some.

Also: I see you there, lady pirate.

(via: Deadline)

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  • Eisen

    The trailer didn’t get me excited, but maybe it will be good.

    But one question remains: Could it be that Wizart Animation didn’t know that Disney would do a Snowqueen-esque movie? And if they knew, why would they do a movie with the same theme?

  • Yurifan

    LADY PIRATES! YAY! but the trailer looks pretty so-so other wise. I which Disney would just adapt it closer to the source material instead of going the “We totally need another Disney princess” route.

  • Anonymous

    Capitalizing on popularity by genre association, perhaps? After all, I doubt a film like this would have any publicity if it weren’t for the Frozen association.

  • Eisen

    this absolutely could be. The strange magic of marketing and media psychology.

  • Anonymous

    For almost every Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movie that’s come out in the past couple of years there’s been a rip off movie- They defiantly know about the major studio and are most likely using the same story to get publicity

    My favorites so far…

  • Anonymous

    I was just thinking about Frozen and it’s inevitable ripoff and lo and behold here it is!

  • Anonymous

    Call it the Asylum Mockbuster Strategy.

  • Krystal

    This is pretty interesting because Russia actually made what is, in my humble opinion, the best animated Snow Queen film. It was not 100% true to the original story either, but the film itself was beautiful all the same (you can watch it on YouTube in it’s entirety with reasonable subtitles, as it is now in the public domain). I know this film is more in the rip-off category, but I find it particularly interesting that it was Russia that produced it all the same.

  • Anonymous

    Animal friends, minor changes, and sidekicks (and trolls) aside, this looks to be a much more interesting movie…you know, because The Snow Queen is actually an interesting tale worth telling in and of itself.

  • Ashe

    My thoughts while watching this, not in any particular order:

    1. So, is this movie about Gerda or about the troll?
    2. At least this isn’t as bad as Kiara the Brave. But, really, most movies aren’t as bad as Kiara the Brave.
    3. Lady pirate? One thing that I do need!
    4. Man, I go from an annoying snowman to an annoying troll. Just my luck.
    5. Is that damn troll still talking?
    6. Oh my go-

  • Tegan Dumpleton

    This actually interested me far more then Frozen. It’s not that I prefer the original story. Frozen seems to be choked full of disney clichés, obvious love interests, and annoying sidekicks. The troll actually looks like an interesting character with a real reason to be there, having a male character that isn’t a love interest always interests me, and even though the animation isn’t as good as the larger companies, the writing and animation still look solid and smooth. I’m not seeing the uncanny valley and I’m hearing good lines here.
    Huh. This could be a actually good cash in movie!

  • MeatyStakes

    I think it feels too good animation wise to be piled with the cash grabbing mockbusters.

    I mean that relatively, cause it’s still really far what the major studios pull off, but it looks like an honest effort.

    The voice work, and script, on the other hand…

  • Anonymous

    Does the Snow Queen look like Sigourney Weaver?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t necessarily have to be a cash-grabbing mockbuster. Like the Halle Berry astronaut show coming out after Gravity—”Oh, this topic is big now. Let’s greenlight that similar one.”

  • Anonymous

    There’s something delightfully terrible about “What’s Up: Balloons to the Rescue!” Way to maintain the tone of the original. o_O

    (My favourite is definitely Kiara the Brave. The cover text mysteriously makes the last word much larger than the others, so it looks like another sassy-red-haired-princess movie entirely.)

  • Anonymous

    I almost did! :O But that felt a bit mean, as this seems to be a legitimate movie.

  • Rosa Fugl

    It could be worse, it could’ve just completely ignored the source material, added more male characters to overshadow the female lead and added an annoying snowman as comic relief…oh wait

  • Sabrina

    lmao, mte! The trailer makes it seem like this is a movie about a poor misunderstood troll. Like if Harry Potter had a trailer in which 75% of the scenes were Dobby.

  • Wendy Heather Wood

    After looking at the trailers for both I think this one looks a lot more fun.

  • Laura Truxillo

    To be fair, though, decent (if not excellent) animation is getting easier and easier to do more cheaply.

    I think it’s probably a mockbuster, but with some effort.

  • Madeleine Odowichuk

    I know I posted this in the last Frozen news, but here’s a link to a English dubbed version of the 1957 Russian animated feature Krystal mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    If we’re going to be stuck with sidekicks anyway, can we at least have one who’s intelligent and useful on purpose rather than blundering his/her way through everything? Stupidity and incompetence aren’t prerequisites to being funny. I tend to find it more interesting when the humor/goofing around is a conscious choice to offset the gravity of a situation.

  • Lizzie O

    Bahaha! Awww… So bad it’s good. I’m sure the little’in’s will love it anyhow… I hope. If they don’t, we’re faaaarked.

  • Eisen