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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Smallville Superfan Goes “Double Rainbow” During Finale [Video]

This guy is having an incredibly special and private moment while watching the series finale of Smallville. Except rather than keep it private, he recorded his reaction and posted it on YouTube. We won’t knock this guy for having a Moment during his favorite show, but we will warn you that this sounds like some hardcore ‘gasming. It is not that, as far as we know, but, well, listen for yourself. (And if you don’t want to watch the “dopeness” that is the final scene of the show (in other words — SPOILER ALERT), you can still hear what we’re talking about without looking at the screen.)

This is exactly how I react to every story about another Ghostbusters sequel, by the way.

(Nerd Bastards via Geeks Are Sexy)


  • Meh

    i feel dirty now ._.

  • Rodger Fitzgerald

    Im kinda scared…yet happy for this future serial murderer 

  • IMSH

    That’s how I used to react to professional wrestling when I was 10. As for Smallville though, I found it to be anti-climatic for a series finale. 

  • jen

     maybe it’s just me, but I really like the idea of the phrase “going double rainbow”

  • Jack

    “YES! DON THE SUIT!  Fly like the wind!”


  • Jack

    Also, firmly seated in the “No surprise to anybody” category, let’s acknowledge the fact that he is watching the season finale alone. Very much alone.

    I hate movie talkers. I would punch this guy if I was trying to watch something.