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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And So It Begins

Merry Christmas! A Brand New Sherlock Minisode Has Landed

BBC watchers and non-UK pirates have to wait until January 1st for the new season of Sherlock (it’s January 19th for the PBS crowd), but luckily there’s a new minisode to tide us over. Anderson feels! I was not expecting those.

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  • Morgan

    Anderson, gross beard!

  • Morgan

    It makes me wonder where John’s mustache comes in…

  • Anonymous

    “January 19th” Ha Ha Ha.

    Good one!

  • Miss Cephalopod

    That was Anderson?! Good God, I need new glasses.

  • Miss Cephalopod

    Oh, how subtle all the foreshadowing is, LOL. (Although, it’s not a secret Sherlock is coming back, so I guess there’s no need to even try being subtle, haha.)

    Some of the German jury (we don’t have a jury system!) had funny accents too.

    Ah, John. Goodness me, I love this character so much.

  • debijl

    I’m guessing Anderson feels guilty about his part in Sherlock’s downfall…there may be more to that story than we already know. Can’t wait!

  • Christine Hintermeyer

    WTF. Let’s say you’re from the US (chances are high you actually are) and that British TV show has something taking place in the US and all the lawyers at court – let’s say in New York – are wearing wigs. How pissed off would you feel about that wagon-load of stupid incompetence? Yeah. I’m taken back QUITE a bit in my Sherlock appreciation, too.
    German courts have NO juries – afaik lots of non-anglosaxon countries don’t. God forbid anyone could look stuff like that up on Wikipedia before filming a high-profile world-famous show.

  • Anonymous

    Probably went down like:

    [reads script] “Hey guys, you do know that German courts don’t have juries?”
    “No, no, that’s Phoenix Wright you’re thinking of.”

  • Miss Cephalopod

    Yeah, I don’t know… Since the last season I’ve had a lot of time to ponder over glaringly stupid writing in Sherlock (I still think the show is awesome, but there’s also a boatload of shitty and problematic writing in there) and this kind of thing now makes me go, “Moffat, do your fucking research. It’s a Wikipedia entry away!”

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is in the books he really was in Tibet! ;-)

    So, I think it’s time to look out for old booksellers in the streets, right? ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Mark Gatiss addressed this on his Twitter:

    “For the pedants, I know there’s no German jury system. That’s why foreman says it’s under ‘highly unusual circumstances’! #Sherlock”