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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Little Girl Objects to Being Sold Pink Princesses

A little critical thinker after our own hearts, even if she might need a tiny bit of coaching to get the message out. Speaking of messages, Skepchick has got a great addendum to the video, which talks about how if girls should be outraged that they’re being placed into a marketing box full of pink princesses, then boys and girls should be outraged that there isn’t nearly enough precedented acceptance for boys liking princesses as there is for girls not liking princesses.

Did that sentence make sense? You should probably just read their article.


  • Anonymous

    I was literally writing the email telling you about this brave little warrior speaking truth to power when I checked the site.

  • John Byrne Says…

    That little girl is awesome. There are a few other videos with her and you can tell she’s one smart cookie.

  • Mika “Ipstenu” Epstein

    Thankfully she picked up on little boys liking pink pretty fast.

  • Anonymous

    Seek out the one about The Ghost Of New York, who steals Christmas presents.

  • Anonymous

    Forgive me for stealing a concept from Ender’s Game, but my mind boggles as to what (hu)mankind could do if we really could keep some of the Developmental Miracles active, specifically the boundless creativity and curiosity of childhood.

  • Jenny Rae

    I used to work at Disney Store, and this dad was forcing me to show his son the “boy” toys. The kid kept running to the princesses, and the dad was yelling and going crazy! I felt so bad for the little boy. I also felt incredibly awkward with the situation he put ME in! :/ Needless to say, they left without getting anything.

  • Anonymous

    The father is USING his CHILD like a STUPID LIBERAL with their social experiments. The first time the girls said that BOYS DO NOT WANT PINK STUFF until her godforsaken POS father said, “Boys want BOTH”. 

  • Anonymous

    Which one do trolls like?

  • Kath

    “which talks about how if girls should be outraged that they’re being
    placed into a marketing box full of pink princesses, then boys and
    girls should be outraged that there isn’t nearly enough precedented
    acceptance for boys liking princesses as there is for girls not liking princesses.”

    This. This a thousand times.

  • Wulfy

    This is the most awesome little girl in the universe!

  • Anonymous

    I noticed the same problem with the interview. Frankly, whenever parents ‘interview’ their kids, I get incredibly suspicious if what the kid says is also what the kid thinks.

    That said, I can’t judge most of what the girl is saying because I have no context what spawned this vid. Was she going apeshit in the toystore and her dad decided to film it? In that case, the father may have manipulated the kid only in just clearing her mind for a moment and think from a boy perspective instead of just a girl perspective. But like there’s nothing suggesting against that, there’s also nothing suggesting in favor of it. 

    Seriously, cute kid and all, but meaningless vid.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that boy managed to or will manage to stand up to that influence of bigotry. :(

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like she’s just trying to repeat what she heard her angry fangirl mother say.  No kid gives a shit about gender marketing unless they live with someone who’s constantly whining about it.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I care about it and I don’t live with anybody whining about it.

  • Anonymous

    When I was a kid, I certainly cared about it. And my parents certainly didn’t care about – it’s only in recent years that *my whining* has brought it to their attention.

  • Niala Terrell-Mason

    Maybe *you* didn’t care about it as a kid, which is fine, but a LOT of people did. Personally, I really, really disliked that the default toy to get me for XMAS or my birthday, if the person didn’t know me very well, was a Barbie doll. I had almost zero interest in most dolls. I also got an Easy Bake Oven–which I also had no interest in. I hate to cook. Still do. Yet, people assume that all girls must love and want domestic toys, right? My aunt when apeshit when my mother wanted to buy my (male) cousin a My Buddy doll (remember those?)–even though he wanted it. Please don’t generalize and say “no kid gives a shit about gender marketing.” Yes, yes they do.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. I remember my mother telling me once that a parent at the youth group she attended was threatening violence to them because his son was wearing dresses from the dress-up basket.

    Parent sees a girl playing with boy toys: “Oh, she just wants to be one of the boys.”


  • Kath

    Yeah, it… sucks. But at the same time, girls aren’t exactly as immune from it as you’re suggesting. It’s often less reactionary – or less extreme in said reaction – but there is a definite “push” from certain groups for girls to be girly.

    But even the “she just wants to be one of the boys” attitude has problems, because it’s still gendering toys and playfulness, and when you have things like Mechano, Lego or even just cars/trains seen as “boy” things, it has a knock-on effect on adulthood. How many girls have been pushed away from engineering, vehicle maintenance etc simply for being girls?

  • Anonymous

    You are awesome Nia!

  • Matthew Lane

    nah he’s right. If this kid had said “I hate black people” everyone here would be saying “wow, somebodies parents are bigots.” However since her views is similiar to your own we all oooh and arrrr & say things like “out of the mouth of babes” & “The innocence of a child.”

    Its clear that its a child parroting the rhetoric of a parent & that parent is more then likely a “stupid liberal” with the scientifically inaccurate view that gender is a societal construct.

  • Matthew Lane

    *hugs parrotbreak*

    I love it when people use objective common sense.

    I mean its not like there is a lock on the boys section of the toy store, that requires a penis to open.

  • Matthew Lane

    i’ve seen more awesome

  • Matthew Lane

    “Yet, people assume that all girls must love and want domestic toys, right?”

    We do? Really? Nalia i don’t even know what i’m going to assume on any given topic, on any given day… I doubt the rest of the world is too much different.

  • Stevi Ferguson

    YES. I was also annoyed when my relatives who didn’t know me got me Barbies for gifts. My mom was very girly, and early on she tried to encourage me in girly directions. But eventually she realized I was a complex human being and not a copy of herself. Then she bought me Hot Wheels and Legos, as well as Care Bears and My Little Ponies. I took part in a market research project once, and was annoyed because all the commercials we (the girls) were shown were dolls and pink stuff, and my brother got a cool toy as a prize (might have been a Ninja Turtle) and I got Barbie’s little sister in a hideous glam rock outfit.

  • Anonymous

    You should have cut her hair and started calling her “David”. That would have shown them… ;)