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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Leonard Nimoy Wants to Be the Internet’s Honorary Grandpa, If We’ll Have Him

The other day on Twitter Leonard Nimoy was waxing proud grandpapa about his granddaughter Dani for running his official store. Then he offered to be your honorary grandfather. My honorary grandfather. Everybody’s honorary grandfather. The internet responded, and he declared himself the “proudest Grandpa.”

Shh. Shh. Don’t ruin the moment. Just accept Leonard Nimoy as your honorary Twitter grandpa.

(via Neatorama.)

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  • Janna

    I was going to protest that that’s George Takei’s territory, but I guess he calls himself “Uncle George.” Glad to welcome Grandpa Leonard to my pretend family!

  • javakoala


  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Now if I can only have Granpa Ian and Grandad Patrick I’ll be (even more) happy.

  • Harrison Grey

    Oh god, this is hard. I already considered Wilfred Mott and Walter Bishop as my honorary grandpas, but here Nimoy is offering himself. This is hard.

  • Anonymous

    Dear lord, what does this make William Shatner???

  • Aeryl

    The uncle we DON’T TALK ABOUT!

  • Gregory Williams

    He is 53 years behind on those birthday cards with $50.00 each in them and wedding gifts and Christmas gifts not mention the brand new car for graduating college … but if he is family now I have to forgive him but that will not cover him from now on and I want a working PHASER if he can swing it … a few people I know of deserve a good stunning or two… that’s right Rand Paul & Ted Cruz I am looking at you.

  • Rachel

    I’m okay with this, but I now also expect Leonard Nimoy to send me a card filled with money at Christmas and on my birthday.

  • Lorewise

    I never knew either of my grandpas. I love you Spock, and even if we’ve never met I know it’s logical.