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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Clever Girl

These Folks Have a Lawn Dinosaur, and They Dress Him Up in Seasonally Appropriate Costumes

According to Sarcasticonomist on Reddit, his family lawn dinosaur, Dug, was purchased from a place that… sold these dinosaurs, I guess… after essentially the following conversation.

Sarcasticonomist: Wow, look at those dinosaurs. Who buys those?

Sarcasticonomist’s wife: We do!

And then she even put it on her credit card. Here are some more pictures of Dug.

(via Reddit.)

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  • Anonymous

    I’m getting errors when I try to look at the pictures?

  • Anonymous

    My apologies! I typed 462 when I meant 426 and it killed the dinosaurs. But they’re back now.

  • jamie

    The bunny cosplay is my favorite!

  • James Gardiner

    Well, that’s it. The human race has peaked. Might as well quite while we’re ahead.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. So a typo is what killed the dinosaurs? Didn’t see that one coming, didja, Science?

  • Eva Marie Heater


  • Anonymous

    I have just GOT to Get Me ONE OF THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do I find them for sale?

  • Life Lessons

    Absolutely brilliant!!

  • Crystal Lynn

    I’d love one if I had a lawn…

  • Raechel Henderson

    If it were possible to get one of these in a smaller size (like those concrete geese people have) I’d snap one up so fast. I’d dress it up too!

  • Moxie Six

    Cupid is definitely my favorite. I wish I knew what city the family lived in. I figure it’s somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’d love to see it!