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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Attention, Internet: Artist Has Drawn The Avengers, Loki, Katniss, Batman, and More As Cats

From Jenny Parks, who brought us all 11 Doctors as cats, here are the cat Avengers (Catvengers?), with special guest appearances by feline versions of Loki, Batman and Bane, Katniss (Catniss) Everdeen, and Daryl Dixon.

If they can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn sure they’ll nom it.

(via: Nerd Approved)

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  • Shard Aerliss

    Cat Loki wears that helmet a lot better than human Loki…

  • Charlie

    Cat Widow doesn’t look like a female cat :< Love the rest though especially Hulk

  • Medusa

    I lost it at “the fur rises”.

  • Anonymous

    Aww! LOVE the Loki cat — that’s fantastic!

  • Life Lessons

    “…damn sure they’ll nom it.” OMG that is great! So are the pics. :)

  • Anonymous

    “When Gotham is in ruins, you have my permission to die…9 times.”

    Oh God, I had to…

  • ClockworkTiger

    The group shot is now my desktop wallpaper at work.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    I love the internet.

  • Aundrea Singer

    Catnip Everclean!

  • Aundrea Singer

    But… Female cats don’t look like female cats. They just look like cats. Unless you mean that orange tabbies are pretty much exclusively Toms? In which case, you’re right. But I still thought it was cool. :)

  • Aundrea Singer

    Oh, that’s a great idea!

  • Charlie

    They..sort of have a different shaped face, softer usually with a smaller nose….I own a lot of cats… shut up. I’ll go now…

  • Aundrea Singer

    ::Looking at my female tortoiseshells and my grey tom::

    …Maybe? I’ll buy your greater expertise, but I have to say that unless the boy cat is huge (or orange), I don’t think I could tell the difference. :)

  • SammiG23

    I love this woman for enabling my cat AND superhero/Jennifer Lawrence/The Walking Dead addictions.