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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

For A More Civilized Age

Jane Austen Tarot Cards, for Your Foretelling Needs

I’m not sure exactly what specific kind of reading Jane Austen themed tarot cards would be appropriate for, but it is interesting to look at the illustrations here and try to suss out exactly why they’re considered to be representative of their name.

(Amazon via Flavorwire.)

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a very fun deck to work with and its creatrix Diane Wilkes is a lovely person.

  • Charlie

    As far as I know Tarot cards have to have a symbol hidden in the picture? for example the fool should look something like an upside- down 4. If Tarot was real these wouldn’t work.

  • Linda Lupos

    Of all the decks I have (um, three) this one is the easiest to read for me because I know all the books pretty much by heart, so I recognise the scenes easily!
    It’s pretty fun, they really thought the connections between the cards and the scenes through.

  • Anonymous

    Fanny Price I presume as Strength? Hells yes.

  • Jennie

    I think you are thinking of The Hanged Man. :) As far as the symbolism goes, there are plenty of non-traditional decks that don’t use that sort of symbolism — I particularly love Dave McKean’s Vertigo tarot, for example.

    Whether they “work” is up to whomever is using them. I like the art and archetypes.

  • Charlie

    Pretty sure I’ve always read that the symbolism is supposed to be important… that said I don’t believe in this stuff anyway.

  • Anonymous

    The hidden symbols were there because different occult traditions like the Order of the Golden Dawn were interested in keeping their groups materials secret. Some symbols in the Rider Waite were even specifically incorrect just to throw others off. Most modern deck creators don’t have an agenda about keeping oathbound material protected.