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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

New Game Of Thrones Season 4 Trailer Reveals Key Scenes, Characters

Viewers-only Game of Thrones fiends may not make much of the new trailer (except that it’s awesome) but book readers might pick up on a few cues of things to come in Season 4. Even more so than we saw in the 15-minute preview special (which we had a lot of fun with). That being said, as a kindness to those who are trying to avoid knowing too much about the show, please mark any revealing comments (OMG COLDHANDS!!?) with “[SPOILER]” preceding it.

And the song, in case you were wondering, is a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Cities in Dust” but the group The Everlove.

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  • Laszlo

    Shae in a big red bed, looking surprised! That seems to imply to me they’re going to do that part the book way.

  • Nicholas

    Interesting to see how Arya’s list of names has changed from the books to the shows.

  • GentleTantrums

    *SPOILER* (but not really)
    I don’t think that was Cold Hands. His face wasn’t wrapped up and he wasn’t riding an Irish Elk. I think that dude was just the white-walker we’ve seen before.

  • Kit Whelan

    Yes! I was worried with the way they’ve been taking her character that they’d be changing that scene. I’m excited to see that they’ve probably at least kept the main plot points.

  • Anonymous

    Irish Elk are, sadly, extinct, and probably weren’t domesticable when they still existed. Maybe Game of Thrones didn’t want to waste the special effects money on something relatively minor.

  • Anonymous

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  • Laszlo

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  • imelda

    Holy cow is that coding unnecessary.
    I would be pretty disappointed if they stuck to the book for Shae. She is such a wonderful, and different character on TV, that it would be pretty sh*tty. And I seriously doubt they’re going to let the blame fall on Tyrion, the fans’ and critics’ darling.

  • Laszlo

    They better do it, the other alternative would make her some “woman in fridge” for Tyrion the hero to avenge, that would be disgusting. They’re definitely not sparing her, so far they’ve only killed more than the books. And this is supposed to be like a morally ambiguous, grimdark show, and they’re proud of that reputation, they can’t be afraid to make their heroes dark.

  • GentleTantrums

    You make a good point but I do hope you’re wrong, (Not out of spite. I’m sure you’re a perfectly delightful person) I just really liked the use of the Irish Elk because they were another example of Ice Age-style megafauna, contemporary with dire wolves. I like it when writers do their research. Also, giant elk neat.

    I may also still be nursing some hurt feelings about Strong Belwas not making the cut.

  • Tallulah Alice Mae

    Guh, I really need to read that part of the book again. I certainly hope they don’t change it (though I am curious bc Shae really is quite different from book to show). Making a fan favourite less of an asshole isn’t gonna do them any favours.

  • Richard Grant

    Not defending what happened to book Shae but her and TV Shae are very different characters, for one thing her relationship with Sansa is essentially non-existent and nothing like the onscreen one.
    And book Shae may have cared a little about Tyrion, but she seemed more infatuated with the jewels and gold he could provide for her (becoming quite hurt when Tyrion attempted to take them away from her.) And if she cared about him I’d think she could have been more discreet in what she said at the trial, saying that he asked her to call him her ‘Giant of Lannister’ seemed very calculated to humiliate him further.

    TV Shae seems like a far more nuanced character because of the changes they made to her character, while Tyrion ironically has become abit more ‘white’ of a character (with some of his darker traits toned down for the series.)

  • Aeryl

    They are very different characters, but at the end of the day, BookShae doesn’t have any agency, yet Tyrion punishes her as if she did, as if she chose to testify against him, or chose to be in Tywin’s bed. She’s not a good person, and I don’t think she actually cared for him, but at the end of the day, she’s not obligated to, and doesn’t deserve to die because of it.

    Of course the testimony she gave was calculated to hurt Tyrion in every way, Cersei coached her in what to say, and as soon as she heard about that Giant of Lannister bit, she was gonna demand that was in there. Just as Tywin knew forcing her to wear the chain would be painful to Tyrion, if he knew about, which was just as good to Tywin, who thrived on fucking with Tyrion.

    I’ve heard other theories from people who think that Tywin didn’t even know Shae was there, that Varys snuck her in there, after ensuring Tywin would be indisposed in the bathroom(like Tyrion did with Cersei), because he wanted Tyrion to sever all ties to his family before setting out for Pentos.

  • Richard Grant

    Agree very much with what you say here, my reading of your initial comment was that you were suggesting the two versions of the character were more similar than they actually are (which was a misinterpretation on my part.) And focused on the difference between the two, and how their fates will be read as different, rather than anything close to a defense of Tyrion’s actions.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the fact that GRRM pretty much forces us to decide for ourselves what we think are Shae’s motivations. As for me I don’t think she (book Shae that is) felt any remorse about selling out Tyrion or turning up in ‘that bed’. And I don’t think less of her because of it either! I love Tyrion, I wept and raged against his fate, but Shae never asked to be with him, he appropriated her as a prostitute, And she would have known she had not rights or protections once he tired of her. It is such a ‘male privilige’ thing to assume that just because Tyrion is a pretty nice guy he deserved Shae’s love and loyalty. He doesn’t. He bought her services, he has no right to her feelings just because he developed some for her.

    I understand this is probably too complex and problematic for the TV show to really highlight, so I’m ok with them changing it up a bit. Still, it’s too bad. GRRM really did something unique with Shae that you rarely see with male (or even female) writers, He has shown a similar realistic and harsh take on the way men try to superimpose their love and desire on females in other stories as well (e.g. Dying of the light, Meathouse Man).

  • Anonymous

    Well, she doesn’t meet the Red Woman in the books. Not sure what’ll happen with Gendry now though. I like that they keep it interesting.