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Together At Last

Gollum Makes Appearance as Wedding Ring-Bearer, Disgusts Reality Show Participants [Video]

Normally we would not abide any show that pits women against each other for the “most glorious honeymoon,” but this…This is like some bizarre anthropological experiment of what happens when extreme non-geeks are exposed to the geek universe. Basically, this groom decided to hire someone to play Gollum at his wedding. As his ring bearer. Which we think is the coolest idea ever, but maybe he forgot that his fiance is the type to sign them up for a show like Four Weddings, and that her fellow contestants might not get the joke. In fact, it’s been a while since I saw a group of people looking more aghast and disgusted at wedding proceedings.

Also, I’m still wondering, would the same reaction be seen at one of those Harry Potter weddings I’m still craving? Or does it only apply to ring-hungry “gargoyle”-creatures?

(via Blastr)


  • Heidi Mason

    This is so beyond awesome! Made me laugh that it disgusted all those pretty perfect misses, actually *lol*

  • JoAnna Luffman


    They come across as a bunch of irritating, shallow…. broads that I remember being part of the popular set when I was in school. Seeing the horror made my inner teen very happy. 

    I’m a bitch. Sue me.

  • Rosie ‘Martini’ Bellini

    Meh, he should have chucked his ‘fish’ at the princesses imo, that would have been perfect

  • Natalie Ferguson

    LOL Omg that is SO win! I would love to have Gollum at my wedding and see all of my family members cringing in horror as I laughed giddily.

  • Anonymous

    I am a nerd to the core, but I’m pretty sure this would horrify me as well if I weren’t expecting it. Wedding days are not quite the days for surprises like a tiny nearly naked man impersonating Gollum. If it had been part of a whole theme where everyone was really into it, I think it would have been ten times better.

    Then again I’d also be a little miffed that the ring my husband chose for me was the One Ring, a malevolent ring that turns the wearer invisible.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, that groom gets my vote! At least his bride had the grace to laugh. Those precious little princess-bitches reminded me of some cliques I hated in high school. Nice to see them baffled and upset, LOL!

  • Kristin Frederickson

    I think they may have overreacted a tiny bit, though seeing a half naked man running on all fours at a wedding was probably a bit of a shock.

    Did they not get it was a LOTR thing? I thought the movies made it sort of common knowledge for the general public.

  • Anonymous

    Silly Aussies, it’s just Gollum! A creepy, relatively muscular Gollum whispering “murderer” at your nuptials…Oh just kidding, it’s cool guys–he’s wearing a bow tie.

  • Anonymous

  • Amanda LaPergola

    His little bowtie!  THAT is precious!

  • melashaan42

    Oh, how I despise wedding shows and the creatures that participate in them.  This clip reminds me why – “OMG, she’s having a sense of humor about this wedding?! Ewwww!  Where’s the two million dollars worth of flowers she’s just going to throw out like you’re supposed to have?!”  Keep in mind that most of the contestants on this sorry excuse for a show have the same reactions to services that follow different religious traditions, be it singing prayers in another language or not drinking.  TLC always finds the best examples of humanity’s worst.

  • Null

    I’ve been to weddings where video game music was played, but that was with the consent of both parties. 

    This dude evidently misjudged his wife’s reaction to a spin on what’s supposed to be the most romantic moment of her life, which doesn’t bode well for his marriage. While I’m sure there were women who would be laughing their heads off, doesn’t look like his wife was one. Given the gender ratio as it currently stands a lot of male geeks are going to have to marry female non-geeks, and you should at least treat your future wife with respect for the moment she’s likely fantasized about all her life.

  • Life Lessons

    I for one would have laughed hysterically! Then demanded Gollum give me the REAL One Ring for the Hubby. (Devoid of evil, of course.) :)

  • Alexander Lorenzen

    They should have had the altar be a replica of the crack of doom, and the bride and groom would have to wrestle Gollum for it. Finger biting optional.