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Someone Help, George Lucas Is Talking About Touching The Star Wars VII Script [VIDEO]

NO TOUCHIE GEORGIE!!!! Sorry, I’m ok, I swear. We previously showed you a video of George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discussing Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm. Guess what? There’s a part two! In this new clip, they say a few things we already know – they’re making new films, etc. – but if anyone thought the sale meant Lucas wouldn’t be involved in the next trilogy (a death sentence to most fans), they’d be wrong. Lucas is still Creative Director and will have his hands aaaaaallllll over that script. Also, Kennedy claims there’s no source material to go to for the new films which means you can ask for your money back on all those supposedly in-continuity novels, comics, etc. you’ve bought over the years.

Previously in Star Wars

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  • Adam R. Charpentier

    You know how much money I’ve spent and time I’ve invested in your expanded universe, you turkey-necked sonofabitch? I’m going to throw out every nice thing I’ve ever said about him (he gave us the original trilogy, god bless’em) if he erodes that universe for the sake of easing a new audience into the story. Bastards!

  • Anonymous

    If it didn’t happen on screen, it didn’t happen. That’s the rule to follow for Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars or any other multi-medium franchise. The story’s original medium source is the canon.
    So anyone who believes that the books are canon, don’t. If the movie team decided they need Chewbacca alive, *ping* there he is, hale and hearty.
    Enjoy the books, the cartoons, whatever. Just don’t expect them to connect with anything in the films.

  • tptigger

    No, really, it’s OK. George is pretty good at developing the broad strokes of stories, with another writer on board to fill in the details (dialogue!) and temper his not-so-great ideas, it’ll be fine.
    My understanding of the EU was they were canon until George said otherwise. Guess he said otherwise. They’re still great stories. Well, some of them, I have to admit to stopping buying the things a little bit into the New Jedi Order saga. Didn’t like.

  • Lance Maurice Eustache

    I laughed so hard when I read the headline to this!

  • Oliver Jonas Queen

    Man,they BETTER have Chewie in these new movies. Vector Prime pissed me right off when it was released,and marked the end of my buying every Star Wars novel that came out. The EU was fine for what it was,but as a HUUUGGEEE SW fan I can honestly say I have zero problems with these movies being all new and ignoring everything thats already been written. True,that means we wont get Thrawn,but we also wont get The Crystal Star and dead Chewie and Han and Leias son growing up and turning into a Sith lord.

  • Anonymous

    @48 seconds: Aaaaaaaand there goes the EU. Sigh. I knew already but was afraid to admit it to myself.

  • Kate Christy

    ):[ No, George. *slaps hands away from script* They hired a writer. That writer was not you. Because you cannot write.

  • Kea Alwang

    I have no problem with his hand in the story…it’s his story. I love his story. BUT…if a few people could do some second-pair-o-eyes review of the dialogue….AND if we had someone else directing that dialogue…well, that would be a good thing!

  • John Wao

    This is on Kathleen Kennedy, She’s responsible for keeping him from the script.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    Star Wars so far beyond Lucas at this point, yeah, it’s not his story anymore. New writer, new vision. Go to frakkin Florida already!

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    I hope one of the stipulations of the new directors is not they must have loved the prequels….then you may as well just call up Uwe Boll.

  • Nick Gaston

    Naaah…just have J.J. Abrams direct, and say it’s a branching-universe alternate timeline.

    We’ll have to deal with Jedi Master Sluu Sho and Darth Kelvin, but it may be the price that must be paid.

  • Inky

    Sigh. There goes the Thrawn trilogy.

  • Anonymous

    Me too! It’s brilliance like this that puts The Mary Sue above al other geek sites in my book!

  • Paul Bonzulac

    There should probably be someone there to double check that the story ACTUALLY HAS A PROTAGONIST this time. Must have slipped Lucas’ mind while making the prequels.

  • Paul Bonzulac
  • Sylvia Sybil


    I will forgive everything – even Jar Jar Binks – if we get Mara Jade. She is the best gawddamn thing to ever happen in the EU and they know it. Bring Timothy Zahn on to double check her characterization and I will THROW my money at them.

    If there is no Mara Jade, there had better at least be some female Jedi. Or, you know, more than one female character. The original trilogy has the excuse of being made 30 years ago, the prequel trilogy has the increasingly threadbare excuse of having to stick to the established backstory (Anakin can build C-3PO but backstory is canon, right). They can go ANYWHERE with this trilogy and they had better make up for it.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    ….well, I had a calm down. And afterward, I remembered that there is an expanded universe Jedi named Baytor and he became a Master. SO…not all good things would be lost.

  • Scott Hill

    So you mean that George Lucas is going to have as much control over this as he had over Empire Strikes Back? I’m cool with that.

  • John Paduch

    It’s not surprising that they claim “no source material”, since we’ve already seen how Lucas was willing to eradicate any expanded universe backstory created for Boba Fett with what he did in the prequels.

    He’s always stated that, while Lucasfilm can approve/license the publishing of expanded universe books, they shouldn’t be considered official canon.

  • Anonymous

    George Lucas is an excellent ideas guy. I want him involved. Another person directly writing the script, and another person directing,will balance out his less positive filmmaking traits. In fact, that’s the combination that gave us The Empire Strikes Back. I’m all for this.