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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Thing That Might Have to Exist

Genius or Evil? Fan-created Doctor Who Guess Who Game Exists, But You Can’t Buy It

If there was ever one boardgame that I wanted as a kid and almost never got to play because we didn’t own it and whenever I was around a set nobody else wanted to play it… it was Guess Who. It involved logic! And process of elimination! And flipping REALLY LOUD pieces of plastic down in an INCREDIBLY SATISFYING WAY.

So, this realization of how easy it would be to brand Guess Who to franchise fiction in the same way that Monopoly, Life, and Trivial Pursuit have been is a now constant itch of frustration. Why can’t I go out and just buy official editions of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or DC Universe themed sets of Guess Who and try to stump my friends with incredibly obtuse and niggly questions of canon.

Fortunately, youtube maven Karen Kavett, who created the above video, has also created a how-to.

(via The Official Doctor Who Tumblr.)

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  • Lindsay Beaton

    Oh boy do they need to get on board with THIS. Guess Who is a great game, and the possibilities are endless. Any show/book series/movie with a cast big enough; any demographic; appeals to all ages…boom. Money coming out of their ears.

  • Katie Glenn

    I didn’t own it either and the same thing happened to me. No one would play with me! It was very disappointing. I may have to make my own as well! It’s genius.

  • Anonymous

    I actually have a Guess Who Marvel set – I think I got it at Walmart, probably four years ago? It looks like there are some Star Wars sets on Amazon, but I’d kill for a DCU set.

  • Invisible_Jester89

    … This. Needs. To. Be. Real. Like yesterday. The questions. THE QUESTIONS. This would be the best thing for a Doctor Who marathon night.

  • Angelica Brenner

    Makes just as much (if not more) sense than the bajillion themed editions of Monopoly out there!

    Maybe I’ll make my own, with Classic series characters too . . . ‘course, with 8 other Doctors and a couple dozen companions, I’d probably have to build it in tiers. x[)