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Great Moments in Advertising

Controversial Super Bowl Coke Commercial Adds Klingon; No Response Yet From Space Racists

If you somehow managed to miss the latest instance of Racists Being Racist About Things, A) congratulations, I envy you, and B) this video will require a bit of explanation. It’s a spoof of Coke’s Super Bowl ad, which featured “America the Beautiful” being sung in different languages. Racists objected to it, because America is a country founded on the principles of equality, freedom, and that people who don’t speak English are worth less than people who do. Stephen Colbert did an excellent takedown of the “controversy.” And now GarlicJacksonComedy has given the video a geeky twist. No word yet from Morse Code-phobics, a group just as ridiculous as people who think Spanish shouldn’t be spoken in a Coke ad.

(via: io9)

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  • Debbie Valenta

    The commercial begins AND ENDS with English which makes their argument completely moot, anyway. Even if you were an idiot racist why would you have a problem with this? Actually, I think I just answered my own question…

  • Anonymous

    As a Canadian sometimes I think bilingualism has failed in my country, but then America gets all angry about shit like this. Our National anthem gets sung in French and English all the time and no one really cares anymore, I actually prefer the French version to the English version.

    White America reminds me of the dumb loud racist kid that used to be in my Social class. Offensive and thinks everyone in the class agrees with him.

  • ShadowHawk

    And then you go and ruin it by equating “Racist” with “White”.

  • Anonymous

    Oh God, I’m crying. DAMN YOU ONION BEARING NINJAS!…it’s so beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    And considering that one of the languages spoken in the commercial is a Native American language…

  • Robert Vary

    Well, I for one am offended that it’s not even real Morse code.

  • Anonymous

    This was a very shrewd move on their part. I think they were definitely banking on the controversy because look at all the publicity? And then now there’s the added incentive for people who fancy themselves progressive being able to feel good about themselves for buying a soda that pisses off racists.

  • k23mt

    Yes, the racists are loud and thinks everyone agrees with them, and THINK they represent the majority of Americans……good news is, they don’t. It probably looks that way on the internet because most people are doing like me, and just shaking my head and moving on with my day. Most of us really aren’t that bad.

  • Anonymous

    Would it be better if I said Racist White America? Gosh, I did not know that I had to be so specific now.
    I don’t like it when people only say that ‘white people’ are racist when describing the racist crap RACIST white Americans do, but EVERYONE ELSE DOES IT WITH NO CALL OUT TO BE SPECIFIC OF WHICH WHITE PEOPLE IN A CERTAIN COUNTRY! So I thought I could get away with it. But nope. Apparently not. Not here apparently.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I have to admit, I prefer Sprite or Dr Pepper, but I think right now I’d really enjoy a Coke flavored with the bitter, wrathful tears of teabagging racists who don’t know enough about the history of their own country to understand that they’re echoing failed attitudes from a hundred years ago.

    Mmmmmm racists tears…it’s the Real Thing.

  • odango atama

    I missed this commercial. But:

    GO, COKE! GO, COKE! Because of my gallstone, gastritis, and pancreatitis, I can’t drink soda, but if I could, I would buy gallons of Coke. I love the original add and this one ^ was too good.


  • Jill Pantozzi

    Could just say “racists.”

  • Callie Sandberg

    Kinda ruins the taste of Coke, doesn’t it?

  • spatialwarp

    You KLINGON BASTARDS! … you killed my son… klingon bastards…

  • Anonymous

    In fairness, most white people of all nationalities are at the very least casually racist/unaware of white privilege. It’s as true of Canadians and Europeans I’ve known as it is of Americans. Also in fairness, if someone’s more worried about “not all white people/Americans are like that” than they are the actual racism that is occurring, then it’s just another method of derailing and they’ve proved my above point.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Nope. It’s delicious.

  • Andrew Orillion

    The Internet doesn’t make people smarter, it just makes them louder.