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It is known

There’s a 15-Minute Teaser for Season 4 of Game of Thrones, And You Definitely Want to Watch It

There are far, far too many good moments in this 15-minute “foreshadowing” of Game of Thrones’s fourth season to point all of them out. So why don’t you hit the jump, watch the video, and share your favorite bit in the comments? Mine: Gwendoline Christie‘s choice for weirdest thing she’s had to do on-set.

(via: Variety)

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  • SpaceWalrus

    wait, I remember that scene with the dragon from the book and it’s not supposed to happen yet, I’m guessing they’re adding stuff from the later books to pad this season like they did with the Theon torture stuff from season three

  • Rebecca Pahle

    They’ve cast one actor from Daenerys’ storyline who doesn’t show up until book five. With books four and five taking place at the same time, if they didn’t mix it up a bit a lot of characters would go MIA for at least a season.

  • debijl

    I can not wait til 4/6! Gwen was wonderful in this clip,and Brianne is a BAMF! and I can’t wait to see where Arya’s journey takes her.

    Also love the fact that Sophie and Maisie are playing ding-dong ditch it in the Hotel.

  • Samantha

    I’m excited for more Brienne scenes – looks like she’s got some invented ones for the series, and I’ve never been so glad to see a deviation from the book. The producers know what a gem they have in Gwendoline and this character, especially when sharing the screen with Nikolaj. I think I’m most looking forward to what appears to be a conversation between Margaery and Brienne. Can you imagine? Two BAMFs, but with entirely different experiences regarding femininity and power. It’s gonna be fascinating.

  • Ashe

    Best parts? Brienne cackling about biting off a man’s ear and that BIG MOFO DRAGON

  • Amourah

    Absolutely agree. The more I see Gwendoline Christie and Brienne the deeper I fall in love. She’s so awesome. So awesome…

  • Anonymous

    I was just hysterically giggling for most of this video!
    I may have to lock myself in a room until the premiere so my heart doesn’t explode before then. Jon was never my favorite character but I just melted when Kit talked about how important Sam is to Jon. They get it!

    Also – everything Brienne and Arya and Bronn and Tyrion and Denaerys and Cersei and Jaime and Joff!
    Only thing missing from this video: Tywin!!!

  • Revolution of Eva

    I’m excited that they apparently invented some with Brienne and the Tyrells. This will be good expansion, too, as it will deal with the question of why these fellow Renly supporters switched to the Lannisters after his death (pointing out that it’s because Stannis would never forgive them).

  • Anonymous

    They’ve also moved stuff back, like Brienne’s (weirdly adorable to hear Gwen relate it) ear biting incident.

    I approve of all this. It keeps me more engaged.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for this! Dany’s throne room looks straight out of ancient Egypt – fantastic set!

    Getting some interaction between Jaime and Joffrey is going to be awesome. And Sanya has a fantastic storyline this season,

  • Anonymous

    lol Purple Reign! They killed me!
    Wow Drogon is huuuuge! I wasn’t expecting him that big yet!
    The only one growing faster than the dragons is Bran.
    Lots and lots of ladies in that featurette, it pleases me.

  • Markus Sarén

    I’m actually pretty concerned about Season 5, since “The Winds of Winter” still isn’t out!

  • Anonymous
  • Eric Xin

    Watching the Game of Thrones made me appreciate our chief Creditors are a bunch of middle aged men living in Asia, and not Tywin Lannister, or worse yet, the damn Iron Bank.

  • Susan

    Thanks that was great!