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Maisie Williams On Arya, Game Of Thrones Season 4, & Twitter Proposals

I had the opportunity to hang out with Maisie Williams at a Game of Thrones event last year and she’s just as awesome as you’d imagine. And having read the books, it only makes me that much more excited for what’s to come for her character, Arya. A recent interview had her touching on topics like the upcoming season, fans, and the Red Wedding. 

The young actress spoke to the Sante Fe Reporter while in town to hang out with A Song of Ice and Fire writer George R.R. Martin for his special Game of Thrones marathon at his theater. She mentioned not reading the books but they discussed the Red Wedding, which occurred last season:

People who had read the books, I guess, knew it was happening a long time before, but when it actually happened, we had to stick to it. It’s tough for a popular TV series to kill off its main characters, that’s kind of risky, but I’m cool with it. It is sad that I don’t get to see Michelle [Fairley] or Richard [Madden] anymore, but it’s great for the story, I think, because it keeps people interested and it takes you away from that cliché of the good guy always winning. Also, just because there are books written, it doesn’t always mean that we’re gonna stick to that in the series. It is an adaptation, so really, no one is safe.

Though she wouldn’t give away any “OMG” moments for this season, we think we learned something from the SF Reporter asking about Braavos as a good summer vacation spot. The actress replied, “I keep asking David and Dan what’s gonna happen on that bit or if they’re gonna change it, but they’re keeping very tight-lipped about it. I could use a little sun, really. That’s all I want.”

So it looks like Arya definitely won’t be living in Braavos at all this season, though we previously surmised she might travel there in the finale.

I’ve heard some other cast members have encountered crazy things, but being in the UK for most of the time, I don’t meet too many, like, hardcore fans and I’ve never had anything too weird. The weirdest stuff is usually on Twitter—like, strangers asking you to marry them—I haven’t had anything too strange actually in the flesh, so I’ve been one of the lucky ones. I guess it’s easier for people to say stuff on the Internet, because it’s like you’re talking to a screen rather than an actual person.

Don’t we know it.

Fans certainly have a great attachment to Arya but how does Williams feel about the trajectory she’s taken the last three seasons? She said she’s shocked at how ruthless Arya’s become.

How ruthless she’s become. She’s always been a fan favorite because she’s kind of funky and she says what she thinks and feels and stands up to some pretty evil characters—I think that’s kind of sweet. And then you get to see this other side to her, where she becomes more brutal and a lot more ruthless—I think it’s a little risqué because this lovable character that you used to know is now taken away and she’s not quite as appealing anymore, maybe. She’s a little bit more…scary.

I am so looking forward to this season.

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  • Anonymous

    “I think it’s a little risqué because this lovable character that you used to know is now taken away and she’s not quite as appealing anymore, maybe. She’s a little bit more…scary.”

    Should that be “a little risky” instead?

  • Aeryl

    With her accent, it probably sounded like “risque” and they just went with it.

  • John W

    Can. Not. Wait.

    It’s weird seeing her all growed up. She was practically a baby in the first ep. So was Brian Isaac Hempstead.

  • Mrs. Spiderman


    Isn’t it going to confuse people when they see Michelle Fairley’s name in the opening credits still? Or do we think they will remove it?

  • Adrian

    They will definitely remove it… and sadly, I have a sinking suspicion that they might abandon that part of the story altogether.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Haven’t heard a single thing about her filming anything for this season.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I still think they’ll do it, they just want to put more space in between so it’s more of a shock for the audience.

  • Mrs. Spiderman

    I hope they still do it. And I hope they are super sneaky about it!! That would make up for the fact that they can’t conceal the whole Reek story line…

  • Adrian


    I hope so. Yet, at the end of last season, I was SO hopeful that the closing scene would be Frey men dumping bodies in the river, then fading to a location downriver. Enter Brotherhood, scene left. Some hushed discussion. A nod of approval. Then Thoros with his hand over a dead body’s forehead/face. Then… reveal! Glassy, white eyes open! Stoneheart! To black. Credits.

  • Anonymous

    Right?? The finale was even called Mhysa and who’s a more devoted mother than her?

  • Bryan

    Lysa Arryn. ;-)

  • Anonymous


    I don’t know, they’ve already established that Thoros can bring men back from the dead. I think Lady Stoneheart must eventually do something to move the plot along in the books (and therefore would be important to the series), or she wouldn’t exist in the first place.

  • Jeremy

    With that title, the ending moments described above are *exactly* how I thought the finale would be. We’d have Dany’s crowd surfing moment, and then… cut back to downriver from the Twins… alas not to be.
    I suspect it’ll be a guest spot, which means the majority of watchers may not pick it.

  • Laszlo

    I doubt they would cut something that major, plus viewers are always waiting for revenge, why would they cut out one of the very few instances of it?

  • Anonymous

    They really got lucky with that kid. When they cast her, she was just a child and she’s grown nicely into the part and I’m loving her personality. She has just the right amount of spunk for Arya and her dramatic depth increases every season.

  • Anonymous

    Nah why would they skip it? They can’t afford to skip something that might end up being crucial in the next books. They are changing stuff but they are sticking pretty close to the big events in the books.
    Just because they didn’t end the season with it, like all of fandom had convinced themselves they would (it would have been totally counter-productive from a narrative standpoint imo), doesn’t mean they’re skipping it.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been counter-productive to have the Red Wedding so close to that scene. Also, other things need to happen first.

  • Markus Sarén

    You mean Isaac Hempstead-Wright?

  • John W


  • Anonymous

    Arya’s learning to be more ruthless because The Hound is teaching her.