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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh My Stars and Garters

Fractal Pancakes, Making Fractal Pancakes. Take A Fractal and I’ll Put It In a Pancake.

Nathan Shields, who’s made pancakes that look like dinosaurs, The Hobbit characters, and parasites (lovely), now does the same with fractals. Edible math. It’s the best kind.

(via: Wired)

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  • Janna

    I’m lucky if my pancakes turn out vaguely round.

  • AnnaB

    Denny’s should’ve put the Hobbit pancakes on their Hobbit menu.

  • Mike Chen

    You’ve replaced “Wiener Game Of Thrones” with “Makin’ Bacon Pancakes” as the song that will not leave my head.

  • Katie Utke

    I know it’s a sierpinski sieve, but my brain is screaming “TRIFORCE PANCAKE!”

  • Travis

    So Sierpinski Sieve isn’t Russian for Triforce?

  • Anonymous

    Props for the Adventure Time reference in the title.