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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Burn the Land and Boil the Sea – The Cast Of Firefly Has Been Auto-Tuned [VIDEO]

While we anxiously await the Firefly reunion special this Sunday on the Science Channel, how about a nice ditty? If you don’t like auto-tune it’s still worth a listen to hear all your favorite lines from the series, but especially to hear Inara sound like GLaDOS from Portal.

(via MTV Splash Page)

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  • Christopher Woods

    Goddamn georestrictions. Viacom needs to die in a fire for restricting this to the US, now I have to tunnel through my proxy.

  • Gino Dante Ranieri

    Any chance of a link to the video for ex-pats and overseas military? Thank you.

  • Kayley Sherret

    Not available in my country, I’ll just go and die now

  • Sara Kope

    HELP!!!! I live in Canada and I can’t get this video. And it’s *Firefly*.

  • Fluffrick

    Georestrictions in 2012 – yep, that’s how the internet should be working. And the likes of Viacom wonder why people torrent…

  • mb presents

    Nathan Fillion looked damn hot!!!!!!! Heartwarmingly handsome …