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David Tennant Would Have Invited Karen Gillan Into The TARDIS Had He Stayed On Doctor Who

Talk about alternate timelines! A new interview with Steven Moffat tells us what might have been had David Tennant stayed on for another season of Doctor Who. Hint: He’d have met Amelia Pond. 

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat was asked what the Season 5 story would have been if Tennant was still playing the Doctor.

I only had the roughest idea. Had David stayed for one final year, it would certainly have been his last, so my pitch was that it would start with the TARDIS crashing in Amelia’s back garden – as now – and a terribly battered and bruised Tenth Doctor staggering out. Amelia finds him, feeds him fish custard (no that was for Matt, it would have been something more Davidy) and generally helps him. But we, the audience, can see he’s in a truly bad way. Dying maybe. Eventually he heads back to his TARDIS, and flies off. But when he returns – many years later for Amy – he seems perfectly fine, and indeed doesn’t remember any of those events…And of course over time, we realise what we saw was the Tenth Doctor at the end of his life, about to regenerate. Events that we return to in Episode 13…There you go. The road not taken. Weird even to think about it now!

Quite weird. The now classic scene between new Doctor Matt Smith and young Amelia is too cemented in my mind to think of it with Tennant but thinking about an extra Tennant season just tears my heart out.

What are your thoughts on this alternate timeline? What food do you think Ten would have wound up eating?

(via Tennant News, image via BarkingSparrows)

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  • Mark Gardner

    I have to agree that the entire line of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan is just too ingrained. They had a great chemistry that was built off of that first encounter and the subsequent “abandonment” of Amy for years. Without all of that I’m not sure it would have been near the same relationship. And I really do love that relationship

  • Jordan Ruttle

    Bananas. Obviously.

  • Mr The Batman

    I like the idea of seeing the Tenth near regeneration, but had the series followed the same way (with Amy slobbering all over him) I don’t think it would have had worked. Ten and his experiences with Rose would have been something to reference to in order to halt the advances I’d imagine.

    However, I’m glad Matt Smith had that series mostly because she was new and he was new, so it was a bit more interesting to watch how this new incarnation would tackle it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m almost more interested in finding out how Ten and Rory would’ve gotten on.

  • Fez Guy

    The idea of Moffat having 10 for a whole season frightens me. He’s already shown disdain for 10 and RTD’s era. I would NOT have wanted him handling “The Amy/River Hour” with 10.

    The Amy story WORKED because he was a new Doctor. I don’t think Amy, a a character, would have worked well with 10. Just like I can’t see Rose and 11 getting on.

  • Christina Morejon

    why does that pict of DT look like charlie sheen? @@facebook-615670992:disqus

  • Travis Fischer

    Sounds like it would have been a better end for Ten than what we got.

  • Incredibly Awesome

    another season of TEN? my god you are right, it tears at the heart. However, I love me some Eleven and it’s taken how many seasons? I would prefer not to think of 10 with Amy because she’s definitely a great fit for 11.

  • Anonymous

    I would have LOVED watching Tennant meet Amy Pond. Then again, I’d take anything over Matt Smith. ><

  • Chris Stehlik

    I can’t see 10 with a young Amy. He doesn’t really have the same quality. In any case, I liked 10 at the beginning,but he wasn’t my favorite and I was just not happy with the way the last part of the last season was written, so I was glad to see him go.

  • Michael Buckles

    I thought the same thing and for a split second I was really confused.

  • Crystal Lynn

    Maybe they would have used David’s favorite snack: sausage, peanut butter, and margarine on white bread.

  • Anonymous

    Bananas are good.

  • Winter Salo

    Why would it ‘certainly have been his last.” Whenever David Tennant is interviewed about staying on he talks as if to stay on would have been for a very long time. I really do get the impression Steven Moffat doesn’t like/ respect what RTD did which is a shame because we wouldn’t have Doctor Who back on our screens without him. Also, it really feels like his idea was written for a new doctor and he’d just ‘make do’ with number 10 which is a real pity. I would LOVE another (or more) seasons with number 10 but not if they were going to be spent undoing / disrespecting all that went before. Also I can see what Amy offers 11 – they worked – I can’t see what she offers 10 – she just doesn’t seem like his ‘choice’ in companion, and I never got the impression he was too keen on children.

  • Sidney Tucker

    David Tennant was a better Doctor. Definitely more attractive than Matt Smith.

  • Lisa Still Smouldering

    Amy as a way to get over Rose would have been a GREAT way to end Ten’s series!

  • Lisa Still Smouldering

    I think Matt is more adorable in that old Who sorta way. ENOUGH with movie star-hot Doctors! Now to just do something about all this overt romance silliness (River excepted, of course.)