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Allow us to explain.

Real Or Not Real?

Did The CW Just Invent The Hunger Games With Their New Reality Show?

We’re all agreed The Hunger Games are very bad, right? Not the film, of course, the film was awesome but the actual games. Pitting children against one another until just one remains is evil, evil, evil. So why is The CW creating a reality series that’s eerily similar? 

We already knew The CW was developing The Selection, a young adult novel some have compared to The Hunger Games. But that would be a scripted series. This is a reality show. It’s called, The Hunt. Here’s the description:

THE HUNT is an intense wilderness competition taking place over one month, as 12 teams of two are provided no food, water, or shelter, but must compete in a game where they’ll rely on their physicality, survival skills, and hunting skills to endure their conditions, capture one another, and ultimately win a huge cash prize. Executive produced by David Garfinkle (“Ready for Love”), Jay Renfroe (“Ready for Love”) and Greg Goldman (“Ready for Love”), THE HUNT is from Renegade 83 and Blackbird Television in association with Warner Horizon Television.

No talk of anyone dying of course, that would be silly, but they do have to capture one another. So while this may seem more like a Survivor scenario, they certainly seem to be capitalizing on the success of The Hunger Games. And let’s not forget, The CW was also working on making a Battle Royale TV show too. Frankly, I’m surprised we’re not seeing Hunger Games-like series being developed by every network.

They haven’t given any ages as far as casting for the series goes but considering their usual viewership, I wouldn’t be surprised if they skewed younger. Though I’m not sure if it would be legal to inflict this kind of thing on anyone younger than 18. Either way, I’m all for not going down this path.

(via The AV Club)

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  • Anonymous

    Seek out a movies called “Series 7 – The Contenders”. It’s All Been Done.

  • Laura Machado

    I wonder who reads the Hunger Games and thinks “Yeah! We should totally replicate this with real people!”

  • Jennifer Dougherty

    The same people who think Gordon Gekko is the hero in Wall Street.

  • Anonymous

    So….where do I sign up for this?

  • Craig Moore

    They’re not saying what ages they are casting for, and I can’t help but have flashbacks to that horrible CBS reality show from a few years back where they stuck a bunch of kids in an old ghost town.

  • Lindsay

    I want to do this, if for no other reason that to turn it into a personal contest to see how many people I could capture and terrify THE SH!T out of before a high level executive goes “Maybe this was a bad idea…”

  • Lindsay

    Series 7 is AWESOME! I also suggest Battle Royale. Came out a while before Hunger Games, and is Japanese.

  • Anonymous

    So team then?

    Also for some reason I have a strong urge to quote Jayne while doing this. “I wanted an ear….”

  • Anonymous

    to be fair, when I heard about “series 7″ my first thought was “I hope no FOX executives hear about this”

  • Mark Brown

    Yeah, I would’ve expected this from FOX. I’m surprised CW got there first.

  • tevic

    We let kids play football and other violent sports..

  • tevic

    every-time you look for a cheaper price you are Gordon Gekko

  • the viceroy

    that is the first time I’ve seen someone say that, without uttering the words “ripoff” bravo madam

  • Autumn Morales

    This is true, but I feel that football and wilderness survival are on two different levels.

  • Kristen Kingsolver

    I think media kind of didn’t get the point of the “Hunger Games” . . .