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Constantine Pilot Moves Forward With Game of Thrones Director

You know nothing, John Constantine.

NBC’s Constantine just keeps trucking. The last we heard from it NBC was sending out casting calls for three supporting characters, one of whom is probably sidekick William “Chas” Chandler, while the other two—“Liv” and “Manny”—could be non-comics creations. No casting decisions have been made—or at least publicly announced—yet, but we do know who’s going to direct the pilot episode: Neil Marshall.

He’s the guy who directed “Blackwater,” the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones‘ second season. You know, the one where everything was explodey and green and Sansa issued Joffrey a verbal smackdown. It was a good moment. Marshall is also in charge of season four’s penultimate episode, which he’s said will have “a bit of drama and tragedy,” because he is a master of understatement. More recently Marshall directed the season premiere of Black Sails, which I’ve heard good things about, though the fact that it’s often referred to as “Michael Bay’s Black Sails” puts me on edge. (I don’t care if he isn’t involved in the day-to-day of the show. That’s not a name I want to see attached to something.)

And now Consantine gets him. Guy knows how to direct an engaging hour of TV, so maybe this reassures some of the people on the fence about a major network adapting the somewhat, uh, dark source material? At least the one guy they’ve gotten so far is good at his job. Or maybe I’m being too optimistic.

By the way, who wants to see Peter Dinklage as John Constantine now? *raises hand*

(via: Deadline)

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  • Troy Lenze

    I agree, Dinklage as Constantine would be pretty awesome. I do wish this was on one of the premium channels so we could get a darker, grittier version than NBC will be allowed to present.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Well, Hannibal’s pretty dark. Might be the exception that proves the rule, though. My understanding is that NBC’s more or less kept their paws off that one when it comes to creative decisions (with the exception of relegating one ep to webseries status).

  • Troy Lenze

    We can only keep our fingers crossed. I just hope there isn’t some kerfluffle from evangelical groups about the magic, dealing with demons, etc.

  • Cad Wallader

    The project is dead to me once they cast it with Americans. Like Bond or The Doctor, Constantine is quintessentially British. If you want an American version of Constantine, just make one up. Oh wait, they did, and it Was Keanu Reeves as the world’s blandest demon hunter, with his sidekick Shia LeBeauf.

  • Anonymous

    This! Constantine HAS to be English!
    I don’t mind if the show is set in the US, he’s there quite a lot, but he better be a limey punk!

  • Anonymous

    He’s a good director but how good can the show be if it’s made by NBC? John Constantine is a British character with British friends who lives in Great Britain. How can an American network deal with such non-American material?

  • Annearchist

    I’m sure I’m echoing previous sentiments, but this is the first I’ve heard of this. A magical, dark, bitter, member of the Trenchcoat Brigade deserves an HBO or Showtime series, not some NBC series. The special effects budget alone would raise the stakes of a network show way too high.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I will only be happy when John Constantine is actually played by Sting.

    (j/k, after the movie the bar is set so low that I will be happy if they pronounce it Constantine.)

  • Anonymous

    That’s exactly what I don’t want. Constantine has already been re-invented for American audiences but a faithful version has never been made.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lets make a checklist to see how much they got it wrong

    Wizard (magician ? Language barrier here…NOT exorcist)
    Using more wits than magic/weapons
    Not only catholic mythology (did someone said Dream ?)

    Am I forgeting something ?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous