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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Clever Girl

Just So You Know, There’s Going To Be a Comic About a Dinosaur… In Spaaaaaace!

Literally all we know about Boom! Studios’ upcoming dino-themed title, this promo pic for which was just released, is that it’s by three of the creators of the Adventure Time comics.

But still. We had to share. Because dinosaur in a space suit. It’s not rocket science.

(via: Comic Vine)

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  • Alyssa Lobo

    Hipster Doctor Who did it before it was mainstream :P

  • Janna

    I wonder if it’s an anthropomorphic dinosaur astronaut, or if it’s about how humans finally clone and a dinosaur and then are like, “What should we do with it?” “I dunno, send it into space? For science?”

    Semi-related note: Beta Ray Bill freaks me out.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Sounds like a good time to break out the Captain Raptor books:

    It’s what Calvin and Hobbes must’ve read growing up.

  • Mark Brown
  • Ashe

    Flashbacks to Nanosaur. Anybody play that in school as a kid?

    I love the illustration. And the Adventure Time credentials. Yep, I’m pretty much on board with this. Let’s go!

  • Dave

    I guess the astronaut lifestyle IS pretty achievable!