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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

When The Terminator Franchise Collides With DC Comics, Batman Fights A T-800 [VIDEO]

Of course Batman survived Judgement Day. Tony Guerrero, Noir Deco, and Mitchell Hammond have put together a unique fan short meshing together two of my favorite things – Batman and The Terminator. Though in this case it’s Batman vs. The Terminator, which makes sense. Find out more about the project here but apparently the idea originally spawned in 2007 when Christian Bale was cast in Terminator Salvation.

(via Dan Slott)

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  • Anonymous

    Needs more Conroy.

    Here, I’ll add some:

  • Mehmed Celebi

    Nice. And while we are on the subject, there’s a new Terminator Comic in the stores, “Terminator: Enemy of my Enemy”. It has a female lead and she is awesome! Like, she’s an actiongirl in the way all Action Girls should be Action Girls. With the authentic Body type for her kind of occupation, and a smart fighter to boot. But best see for yourself:

  • Anonymous

    Batman, you must infiltrate the Cyberdyne facility and destroy the MCP.

  • locuas

    Didn’t DC already make a superman/terminator crossover?

  • Mehmed Celebi

    They did. And even for Comic crossover standarts, it streched the suspension of disbelief a little to far, with nonsensical time travel, the obvious fact that Superman vs Terminator isn’t really a contest, and in the same vein, that Judgement day is just another tuesday for the DC universe. It has a trashy charm, I guess….