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Allow us to explain.


Alex Borstein Announces a New Animated Series With Seth McFarlane

The world is about to get a lot more Alex Borstein, and this is a wonderful thing. The former MADtv actress who currently voices Lois Griffin on Fox‘s Family Guy — among others — just announced that she and Seth McFarlane are working on a new animated series. It will have a female lead character, voiced by Borstein, a first for McFarlane and Fox, and a rarity in an animated show. No dates yet, but Borstein also included some Family Guy news in her announcement. This is more exciting than that time I ran an amusement park for dogs! [CUT TO: Jamie Frevele, running an amusement park for non-anthropomorphic dogs, who are wearing fanny packs and looking at park maps.] Anyway, back to the actual post!

In an interview with Digital Spy while promoting the 11th season of Family Guy being released on DVD, Borstein confirmed the new project, saying that the last time she recalled a female lead character on an animated series not-intended for kids, it was one of our MTV favorites of yore, Daria, which aired from 1998 to 2002. And while no dates have been set — nor a title, nor a premise — Borstein mentioned that along with her and McFarlane, Gary Janetti will produce. Janetti has written for Family Guy and was an executive producer on Will and Grace. And it sounds like they are just waiting on bated breath to get started on this thing:

We’re kind of raring to go and just waiting to get the green light to start setting up and writing – so it’s very exciting!

You can practically feel the total psychedness, can’t you? Borstein, who first joined Family Guy when there were no female writers, eventually became a consultant, and has been writing for it for years now. But she disclosed that she was almost not the voice of Lois. When the show was first being developed, she provided Lois’s voice for the pilot presentation before the show was picked up for series. But then, she had a fight on her hands:

“[A]fter the show got picked up to series, they were like, ‘We’ve never heard of this person – maybe we should see everyone else who’s ever been in showbusiness’ and so they proceeded to have a series of auditions. Literally, every person that has ever had a f**king Screen Actor’s Guild union card was on the couch to audition for the part!

“It was pretty close – there was another woman that some other people involved wanted, and Seth was fighting for me. Thank God, he prevailed!”

Seriously, anyone else as Lois? Who were they looking at for that nasal Nawtheastern cadence, Amy Ryan?

Anyway, more Family Guy news: Borstein says that the show could run for “four or five more years,” and that there may be a full-length feature film to cap the whole thing off in the end. Though Borstein thinks it shouldn’t have to wait until then, that they could do this Simpsons-style and continue the show after making a movie.

But the real news: two of the funniest people in animation are making a new series with a female lead. And — The Cleveland Show aside — who better to take this on than Alex Borstein and Seth McFarlane?

(via Digital Spy)


  • Angel H.

    But the real news: two of the funniest people in animation are making a new series with a female lead. And — The Cleveland Show aside — who better to take this on than Alex Borstein and Seth McFarlane?

    Really? “Family Guy” averages at least one rape joke per episode. Shouldn’t we aim higher?

  • Laura MK Anselmo

    I have to agree with the above comment. Some of the jokes makes at the expense of female characters are absolutely horrid; and in general, a lot of their jokes are offensive. It’s not a funny show, and I have a feeling this new show will be offensive, too.

  • Anonymous

    I think I forgot to mention this on the survey – FERCHRISSAKE, STOP TALKING ABOUT SETH MCFARLANE ON THIS BLOG.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be okay with the offensive jokes if they were at all funny or subversive. But Family Guy kind of ran dry a while ago and now it’s just tired and predictable which makes them offensive non-jokes.

    Now they have maybe one shows worth of material spread across three shows (I assume none of them have been cancelled). So It’s going to nigh on impossible to get anyone excited about a new one. Especially since, female lead aside, there doesn’t seem to be much to distinguish it from the rest.

  • TKS

    I would rather watch a Matt Groening show with a well rounded supporting female character than a Seth Mcfarlane show with a poorly developed female lead.

  • Cado Folust

    I have to say that Family Guy hasn’t been worthwhile since season 3, which is when it was originally canceled. Both Seth and Alex have done excellent work in that series and elsewhere but honestly, Family Guy was better off dead.

  • kinelfire

    /sigh Ain’t it wonderful that the publicity photo of Ms. Borstein features her in a lacy bra? 

  • Jackie

    Honestly, we need to put honor before reason, here. While it is good to have a female-lead show, Seth MacFarlane is over-indulged by the network, and most people are sick of his shows getting greenlit, with them all having the same premise. Viewers will just complain it is the same crap all over again, and it will be just as popular as The Cleveland Show.