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eye candy

6 Movie Posters That Think Outside-The-Box

Movie posters tend to fall in the same, boring design scheme. The stars looking off into the distance or a simple logo with a lame tagline. What we wouldn’t give for Hollywood to search the internet and hire some folks who really know how to design with inspiration. Here are a few such examples. 

I think the Black Swan one is my favorite, what’s yours?

(via Wired)

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  • Valiero

    I think those posters may be beautiful but do a poor job at making people want to watch the movie. They only get interesting once you’ve seen the movie.
    I honestly think the V for Vendetta, Inception and Black Swann posters were way more exiting than these.
    I also think there is a BAJILLION such posters around the internet, so that’s not what I expected when reading “think outside the box”
    Let us not forget the Black Swan posters. If that is the box then we’re not very far out.

    I would say the Black Swan is my favourite from this list, but the arms… The arms!
    They are so wrong, they almost look Hollywood-made!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only seen one of those Black Swan posters (and that was online) and the ones I kept seeing in real life were just the ones of Natalie Portman’s face.

    Where were these super rad ones?

  • Anna B

    They’re pretty for collection. Good for hanging up on the walls, but for marketing purposes, I think the posters with the actors on them are much more compelling for me. Granted, some of the best teaser posters don’t have actors on them, and many superhero movies have the actor in costume, and that media makes sure to let you know who’s playing what anyway, there’s something to be said about having the basics of the “movie poster” that really works for me as a consumer.

  • Ema

    The Fountain poster is stunning! 

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    These movie posters are great. It is a shame the studios didn’t hire artists like the ones who made the posters featured. To the artists, keep creating. To the studios, hire these artists ASAP! P.S. If you are interested in purchasing some movie posters, go to

  • Eric Bazilio

    Marketing purposes… consumer…

    Art should be a little more intriguing than a box of cereals, methinks.

  • Louis Blackburn

    Cinema is a business. Put up as much creative flair as you wish, its objective is still to make money. Art comes into this inasmuch as it doesn’t detract from attracting customers.

  • Frodo Baggins

    It’s pretty much the same as the real poster, though. I certainly never saw one of Huge Ackman and Rachel Vice staring into the distance.